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How can I stop sweating so much?

Asked by Fallstand (1130points) July 26th, 2008

I feel like my face sweating almost every minute of the day. I’m a normal weight, and its not terribly hot where I live yet I sweat constantly. Anything I can do?

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Are you a woman in your early fifties?

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Your doctors name isn’t fluther, go see a real one.

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You could use anti-bacterial soap, like…
it works amazingly well, trust me, I’ve used it and recommended it to others with great results :)
If it continues you should go and see a doctor,
you should be showering twice a day, once in the morning and once at night and you should be using an anti-perspiriant, but be careful, as they can actually damage the cells in your sweat glads.

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NO ONE puts an anti-perspirant on his/her face.

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You probably don’t want to be using antiperspirant on your face. :)

Try a good moisturiser containing Jojoba oil, it reduces the need for your skin to perspire as it mimics the properties of sebum, only without the sweat and oil. See a doctor if it continues, there’s plenty of stuff they can do.

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OH lol, sorry, didn’t read the face part. whoops. Still applies if you’re sweating elsewhere :)

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Everyone turns to cage, with horrible freezing burns on their cheeks. “Ahh, okay.”

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lololololololololol ROFLCOPTER

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Why should you shower twice a day?

Also, isnt it bad to wear antiperspirant? I always thought you want to sweat because it releases toxins from your body.

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It’s useful to shower twice a day to get clean…?
lol, I had a small problem, showered twice a day, and used that soap, and I was tip top in no time :)

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@magnus, GOOD ONE!..I could come up with similar responses for almost every question on this site…

@cage, thanks I’ll try it out

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np ;) (GA’d myself… if only I could :( )

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If you are suffering from hyperhydrosis, your doctor can help you out. Whether it’s excessive sweat from the pits, scalp, hands, feet, or other body parts, your doctor can recommend treatments that range from topical solutions to injections that will help with the sweating.

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I had the same problem. Then at my next check up, my doctor perscribed this medication that you put on at night that will actually block the sweat glands. I asked her of that was safe and she said that you have a ton of glands all over your body so it’s ok

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