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Who is your favourite music artist of all time?

Asked by NerdyKeith (5479points) March 12th, 2016

For me its The Offspring. Not just because they are a punk rock band, but also because the message in their music really speaks to me as a humanist and individualist.

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Really, in the late 70’s, when they were a bit “old”, my friends called me the Beatle Nut. I can listen to their music anytime, any album, any song, even Revolution 9.

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I can’t narrow it down to just one artist or group.

I’d say Jimi Hendrix, Johnny Winter, and the Stones are my 3 FMAOAT.

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@zenvelo The Beatles are awesome. Being a 90s kid I didn’t really listen to much of the Beatles growing up. But I became very interested in their music later on in life. Especially the solo work of the late Mr John Lennon (who I consider to be a personal hero of mind, amongst others)

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I am a huge fan of Freddie Mercury. I really liked Crosby, Still & Nash. Probably Bach, though, if I had to pick just one

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It’s like asking a daddy to choose his favorite child! I’ll have to get back on this.

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Weird Al Vankovic.

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Die Ärzte, of course.
Bäst Bänd in the entire World.
They even have a song where they say that

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Depends on my mood. Sometimes Pachelbel, sometimes the popular guys like Mozart and Beethoven, but really, the Hungarians always make me weep.

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Steve Morse who is currently the guitarist for Deep Purple and has been for 20 years. Prior to that he headed up the Dixie Dregs and then the Steve Morse Band and also double dutying with his latest band Flying Colors.

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No way can I pick just one. I’m an old Grateful dead fan also love Led Zeppelin, Bob Marley, and so many others or multiple venues. Impossible to answer this, simply impossible.

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Cocteau Twins.

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The Beatles and Steely Dan.

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David Bowie.

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Honestly, you’d have to specify a genre, and even then I could only give the answer for now because it would change in 5 minutes.

Johnny Cash. He had such a long and varies career I could listen to him for hours, and I’m in a country kind of mood this evening.

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Coil and Neurosis.

Two of the few groups out there who try (or tried, in Coil’s case, as they ended in late 2004) to tap in to something larger than themselves or their egos.

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Dave Matthews Band
The Smiths/Morrissey
The Velvet Underground

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I wouldn’t say such, because that’s not really how I relate to musicians, but to answer something,

David Bowie (though I don’t include most of his music from 1984 on)

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The Smiths, Morrisessey. OMG.

I am the last of the faaaaamous.

Iiiiiiinternational Plllllayboys…


Meat is moral.

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Placido Domingo because of his voice quality and the fact that he isn’t limited to just opera but can do popular songs as well.

And for female artist it would have to be Judy Collins. Yes, I know she peaked in the 70s, 80s but her voice is just as good today. Her voice is clear as a bell. There’s just a quality and clarity to her tone that I haven’t really heard elsewhere.

I could listen to both of them for days.

And even tho his voice is just ok, I could listen to songs WRITTEN BY John Denver endlessly. He was such a poet and even some of his lesser known songs have such beautiful phraseology to them.

I really miss the singer/songwriters of the folk era. Bob Dylan, Paul Simon, James Taylor and Carole King particularly. And, of course, the guys frok The Beatles are in a class all of their own.

There just aren’t many singers nowadays doing much writing of their own original stuff anymore. A few, but not with the timeless quality of the 70s.

I really miss the singer/songwriters of that era.

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Its hard to choose just one, but one of my favourites is definitely Kodaline. Then there is Twenty One Pilots, who are just blessings to our world, and then there’s Phillip Phillips, and Of monsters and men… I am obsessed with music. I can’t possibly choose just one!

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