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Aggregate of Adventurous World Records?

Asked by Jonathan_hodgkins (654points) March 14th, 2016

I am looking for a database of all of the world records in adventure.
Example: longest open sea canoe journey, longest arctic trip on foot, longest journey on a unicycle, etc Where would I find the full list of these?

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Guinness Book of World Records. They are the authority on World Records.

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^^Yep. Just googled, “Guinness, Longest canoe voyage, solo” and got this. The first one is the most current record holder. It also lists a previous record holder who just died.

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I also thought the Guinness Book of World Records was the authority, but their site doesn’t list everything. So I was curious about other repositories.

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Guiness Book of World Records is owned by the beer company Guiness. Beer and trivia once went hand in hand. I wouldn’t trust them on everything.

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