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Why do we sometimes see ourselves as ugly?

Asked by pami16 (152points) March 24th, 2016

Sometimes I consider myself ugly and then I look at the same video or picture of myself and think I look fine. Why do I have these thoughts?

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Act II, Scene 2, Hamlet:

Hamlet: ”...there is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so…”

It’s your subjective perception of an image in a mirror.

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I’m usually surprised how nice I look in photos and the rare videos of me. My teeth look worse than I imagine they do though

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It’s the hangover talking.

I get over it in time.

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Has a lot to do with state of mind.

Also, I’m convinced we never see ourselves the same way others see us—neither as good nor as bad.

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Everyone’s goal should be to attempt to live up to the image that their dog has of them. I can’t look in a mirror and see a god – but my dorg has accepted me “as I am”, and I try to do the same.

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I guess i’ll never know.

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Because we are our own worst critics and we all have some level of insecurities.

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At the time i think i look ugly but it always shocks me when i look at old pics of myself (its like, why did i worry so much about how ugly i looked when it wasn’t true?) its really weird… a lot of people have low self esteem.

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“We’re so used to our features, we don’t know how beautiful we may look to someone else.”
It may be because we are used to our features, and we just try to find something bad. I honestly don’t know.

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