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What kinda of code commenting system do you use?

Asked by Breefield (2728points) July 27th, 2008

You know, to make your code more self-explanitory

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<div class=“container”> <!—This div ends in footer.php dumbass—>

I write bad code.

Seriously, that is in stuff viewable be to public. And I comment the fuck out of everything.

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<3 that’s awesome. I’m not very…reliable when it comes to commenting. I’m gonna start doing something along the lines of…

* This is my comment about, bleh.

But I figure if I’m going to try and standardize things for myself I should use one that’s already out there.

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I comment everything when I develop. But I use the <!— this —> format.

edit :: Haha.. I just found this in something the public can see.
<!—This needs to be fixed… Use a list you dumbfuck. No need for div mania—>

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Yeah, I’m talking more about PHP or JS, but I do like the bluntness, humorous comments are always fun to find.

//Deep dark magic happens in here, don’t poke.

var e = e*f+(f/(r^2)/(f-3));

// Now wasn’t that pretty?

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@Ryan: on your homepage at the bottom right it says “Valid XHTML, Valid CSS, Fuckered PHP, Questionable MySQL, Stolen Javascript.”

Are we supposed to be able to read that? =P

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I comment my code, both PHP and VB .NET (and will do if I move onto C# or something else) mainly because someone I know really likes code with comments (especially when he writes it) as it’s just so handy, and he knows first hand what it’s like to change an uncommented, badly documented program while learning the language it’s written in on the go ;) commenting is good and both I and others I know keep them clean and simple, although sometimes we have a laugh haha.

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I mostly use PHPDoc with some standard elements, makes for a good practice. For example, this forces myself to describe the parameters a method takes, which can be very useful later.

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