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A Eulogy for Ragingloli. May she rest in peace.

Asked by ragingloli (46565points) April 1st, 2016

We are devoting this thread to a tribute to the writer, comedienne and light sketch actress, Raging “Excellent Sermon Vicar” Loli, who died earlier today after a merciful accident that finally ended her long years of struggle with mental illness.

RagingLoli, whose real name was RagingLoli, was better known by her stage name: RagingLoli.

Loli was born and brought up in a working-class home that her parents had specially built
in the grounds of their Berlin estate. Like many shy children, loli learnt from an early age simply to blend in.

Her first acting job came in 1979, at Berlin Civic Centre, since renamed in Loli’s Honour, Berlin Civic and Amenities Centre.

_“She was immensely dangerous. Such a dangerous actress. You always had this feeling when she was around that anything could happen.
RagingLoli, on the other hand, was about the dullest woman I ever met.“_ – Nigel Havers

“She brought to every one of hers roles this quality of needing the money.” – Paul Eddington

“I’m so terribly clever, you see. That’s one of the things I really admire about myself. I have this extraordinary ability to see, after the event, why something didn’t work, and communicate it so wittily. I really am fabulous.” – Neil Hudd, TV and theatre critic for the Daily Mail

You may ask, what is your fondest memory of working with RagingLoli?
The moment I knew she was really dead would be hard to beat.

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I love you. So hard.

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Oh Nooooooooooes !!

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I always thought RagingLoli was an immortal superhuman… :(

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I’m a little worried

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Huh? No way. No fucking way, loli.

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Thought so.

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I guess it is April fools day but when you mix a eulogy with references to mental illness I get panicky.

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Is this an April Fools joke or a prelude to the self check out line?

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Piss would be better

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Sad news indeed. I first encountered @RagingLoli, or @RagingLoli as she was then known, at the Glasgow Apollo back in 1978 when she sang as one of the famous ‘Serpent Sisters’. The stage hands employed to clear the set afterwards said it was an experience they could never forget. Shortly afterwards the theatre was demolished.

RagingLoli, or RagingLoli as those in the trade called her, prided herself on her ability to ‘blend in’ though in truth her rare public appearances led to mass panic, street rioting and rumours of an alien invasion.

It is true that her ‘working class’ home has, in accordance with her wishes, been opened to the public. As a measure of her fame the first visitor was none other than Angela Merkel herself who was last seen being carried from the mansion on a stretcher having experienced a ‘shock’ upon entering one of the building’s many rooms. The German military has since sealed the area off.

On the other hand the Berliner Morgenpost is reporting that it is all an elaborate hoax and the lady in question is merely toying with her public before staging a triumphant comeback for the world’s media. We hope this is the case.

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I remember when she cheated playing me in chess.

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Oh, and she told me in a private, secret, intimate moment how much she loves J. J. Abrams.

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We’re losing too many beloved Jellies.

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I call her spaceship and her spot in the mansion.

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I always thought she was really a softie with the hide of an ankylosaurus.

I’d miss her greatly if she were gone, but I hope I don’t have to.

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I think this is an April fools joke.

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^^^ I hope nobody would be cruel enough to “fool” about a member’s death.

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Yeah, nobody to make goose pate jokes to me anymore. Marwyns watching you

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My favorite threads were always the ones @ragingloli missed.

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She was a little before my time, although as I was growing up her outrageous and unpredictable sense of humor made the remastered-footage DVDs of her comedy shows and sketches popular library rental fare for us kids. DVDs were all the rage, so there was no way we were watching the VHS tapes. When I was in elementary school my parents thought she was wildly inappropriate, and when I was in high school my parents thought she was wildly inappropriate. I would visit friends’ houses we would watch the shows in secret, and whisper quotes to each other. Almost everything went over our head. When we were older we understood everything, and naturally that made us feel clever. My favorite moments were watching her walk on and off the stage. For whatever reason, the camera always followed her. She would walk so gently and unimposing, almost meek. But then she would step into the stage lights and her posture would grow, her movements would becomes sharper and exagerated. The process would reverse as she stepped back down. Every time it was like watching some impossible transformation. One day someone burgled all the libraries in our county, and the only things they stole were the RagingLoli DVDs. It was a headline for a day because of the strangeness, and forgotten the next. I guess now they’ll be able to sell the DVDs on ebay for a paltry sum of money—it was quite a forward-thinking investment.

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My deepest condolences… Her joke is one of its kind in this site. Now I want to know if she left any waiver for me.

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may she roost in peace.

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May a host of many-tentacled aliens lead zir to zirs rest.

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He has a sense of humor after all!

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There is only one thing left to say.
Just look at that face. The face of a thinker. A warrior. A girl for all seasons. Yes, Ragingloli was all that and more. But she was not perfect. Perhaps her greatest fault was that she was too selfless. She cared too much for her fellow man, with nary a thought for herself. A woman of limitless accomplishments, and unbridled modesty. I can safely say that to know her was to love her. And to love her was to know her. Those who knew her, loved her, while those who did not know her, loved her from afar.

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Well, whoever you are, it’s good to know that you’ve found a way to let her inhabit your body following her demise.

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Yes and the rest of us wanted desperately to be her. I know that I begin my every morning with “What would loli do?”

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WWLD: “What Would Loli Do?”

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Thought we weren’t allowed to name names in an OP?

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@janbb Shhh. Don’t you have respect for the dead?

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I am too heart broken to say anything. I have been crying all weekend. I was saving all my money to go to Germany and see her perform. Now I have all this money saved up, and she is gone.
I guess I will spend the money on balloons, and a helium tank, and make a memorial to RagingLoli.
edit——with English translation

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Raginigloli is dead, Long live Ragingloli!

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How to catch a Loli!

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Now let’s all fight over her estate. Clearly, I was her favorite. She always said “Stan is my favorite, and I’m certain that for the good of us all, he should be entrusted with the bulk of my possessions” She was obviously very wise.

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You can have her cats. I get her house and computer. I was her favorite.

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No, you were merely her favorite minion. It’s obvious from our attire that you should be relegated to cleaning the house changing the litter boxes, and repairing the computer. I on the other hand am cleary habituated to the rigors and stressful annoyances involved with “managing” the wealth of others for the common good. By the way, you deserve commendations on your exquisite luftballon eulogy. In your many duties involved with maintaining Loli’s estate, perhaps you should attempt to squeeze in time as publicist.

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Ah, well, thank you.
Deep bows

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Little minion, how can you sit still while a fat man insults you, arrogantly presumes to tell you your place, then walks away with all of the spoils?

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But, I’m a minion. That’s what I do. I follow the orders given me by a fat man, and he takes care of my every need, and lets me play dress up and go to the mall. When he gets himself in a tight spot, there I am to wrench his fat butt loose from it.
You are despicable, but you treasure your Minions, and we are there for you.

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Yours is a noble race of service minion, but the time for deep bowing is past.

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What you don’t know is, as long as I stay around serving, I get to take whatever strikes my fancy.

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Well bow on, and thank whatever god responsible for you in sparing your people the humiliations required of those cursed with knees.

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My thought are with her and my tentacles reach out to caress her spectral inner thighs.

The thoughts are not suitable for printing but with her nonetheless and the tentacles may leave hickeys but there we are.

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But which of them is our beloved Loli (may God rest her soul)?

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This is a gift for her. I think she’d like this creature.

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