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Why is it that Fox News cannot have real experts?

Asked by NerdyKeith (5464points) April 4th, 2016

Instead of choosing a reality television psychologist Dr. Robi Ludwig. Ludwig asserted to Fox News that a mass shooting in California that occurred during May 2014, could have been triggered because the suspect could not cope with his “homosexual impulses.”

The man had psychological problems. His sexuality is no issue here. It seems that when money is involved any old fool can get a piece of paper with “credentials”.


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Don’t kid yourself. Fox chooses the experts that will appeal to their aging, white, conservative audience. Fox knows exactly what they are doing.

Fox feeds that audience red meat every day. Doesn’t matter if the red meat is poisoned or not.

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Fox “News” hires those that they think will support their far right narrative.

Sometimes that goes hilariously wrong though.
Recently, they brought on a guy that they thought would slam and demonise “socialism” and Bernie Sanders.
Until they were on air, then the guy revealed that he was actually supporting Bernie Sanders and that Socialism could be a good thing with a non-totalitarian government.

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For the same reason Trump has such awful spokespeople: to disseminate only their points of view.

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Because they are not looking for real experts. They just want to flog their agenda.

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Because the Supreme Court has decided they don’t need to be real news. Why not have fake experts to talk about their fake news being told by fake people with fake hair?

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@Seek Fake hair? haha love that.

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Because cable “news” caters to a public that would rather be entertained than informed.

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Because any expert one doesn’t agree with can’t possibly be “real.”

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Fox News needs to cherry-pick (and hire) “experts” to back up its skewed views. They frequently get in trouble when experts don’t say what they expect, since actual experts tend to have informed views that starkly contrast with much of Fox’s perspectives.

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God save Rupert Murdoch.

He brought us excellence such as “Family Guy” and “Archer.”

News outlets other than Fox have never made an error, plagiarized, outright lied, or “planted” experts. TIL.

All providers are devious and imperfect.

Choose whatever one gives you the smuggest feeling as you drift toward sleep.

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