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Has your boss ever told you to lie on a standard report?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (18593points) April 4th, 2016

Like temperature results in a fridge. What would you do if your boss tells you that it is standard practice not to even measure a temperature reading , and just tell the head office a random number slightly different to not arouse suspicion?

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No that has never happened in the company I work for. If it did, I’d have my general manager reported to head office via the confidential line.

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My friend didn’t do that. He participated in the lie and got promoted to manager for a year. Now he is retired and the ex-boss is dead. Just a heads up that regulation sometimes makes things worse , and is sometimes completely ignored.

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@RedDeerGuy1 Maybe. But I’d be weary about issues concerning lying about a fridge temperature. It could cause the food in it to spoil and possibly food poison the customers.

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Yes regularly back in the 80’s when being audited by government officials. We were told to change dates on letters, reproduce reports with more favorable results. One employee was caught back dating a stack of papers so management stopped asking us to lie. But it had gone on for years.

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Yes. Lie on accident reports (I declined), lower the number of a signal loss (I did it), and worse.

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No. That would be a sure fire way for both of us to lose our professional licenses, be forced to pay enormous fines, and possibly go to jail. It was never asked of me. As a matter of fact, for my boss to even hint that I lie, or go back and change any documentation having to do with a patient, is a felony and I could lose my license if it was ever found out that my boss had and I had neglected to report it. These rules are very clear in medicine.

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It no doubt happened in the past but is very unlikely these days and especially in the area I am working in now. I’m sure every fart I cut at my desk is recorded.

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Yes. All the time. Funny you mention the temperature recordings. I never even learned how to actually take all the measurements, just the range that each number in the notebook must be between.

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No. If I lied on reports, things didn’t balance. (Double entry accounting is good like that.) When I first started on reception, they used me to look over the reports to make sure everything balanced and numbers didn’t post to wrong accounts. I knew enough about annual accounts to know when something looked wrong and out of place. This was early days of software accounting programmes when the firm was transferring over from typed accounts built from hand written ledgers and spreadsheets to a DOS-based software program everyone in the firm was getting used to using, even the older secretaries with no computer training or experience at all.

We occasionally created reports with hopeful sales projections when it came to getting finance help from banks and the like for a client’s new, potential enterprise, but I wouldn’t call that lying. I always felt more confident creating projections based on production/sales figures from previous 5 years accounts. They weren’t for the bank for new enterprises, though. Those were always reports for the board of directors to show them the 5 year track their company was on. They could use the realistic figures to see if they had to hire another distribution driver, or put more effort into growing their market. The general manager at the brewery was brilliant. I loved working with him. I wasn’t an employee, but an outside contractor. One Easter, he called me in a panic because he couldn’t get the monthly receivable accounts to print out, so I went in and did the whole run for him, and then forgot to bill the company for it. Eh, well, it gave me something to do. My partner was working the days off anyway, so it was no biggie. He was such a nice guy to help. He would sit and answer all my stupid chemistry questions.
I believe that is where I learned what ‘flocculation’ was.

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A friend refused to sign papers that had to do with grant monies and funding both state and federal. She was refused a promotion because of it.
She sleeps well at night.
Those pushing the illegal papers, et al….
are due in court in a couplea months coming up shortly.
I guess I should say: she sleeps well at night- with a smile on her face. Her husband says it’s scary to see that smile some nights.
Her discrimination suit is going along nicely, also.

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