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Should Fluther make a version for mobile phones?

Asked by BronxLens (1539points) July 27th, 2008

Something that would take into consideration the small screens of cell phones, devoid of all extreneous content.

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In this thread, Andrew mentioned that a mobile version is in the works.

EDIT: And Ben mentions it here.

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they have the iphone version.

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As gooch just mentioned, the iphone site is already available (I’m using it now) Which you can visit from any Internet capable phone.

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I think yannick meant this link.

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Woah, my bad. How did thateven happen?! I typed the link in manually… Ah well. You get my drift…

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I did my due diligence with a search for ‘Fluther’ and I didn’t see any related threads. Kudos my Thread-meisters!

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I think a Fluther application for the iPhone would be pretty hot. Although, I’m thinking it would kind of be in the same scope as Facebook.

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There is a Fluther App. Jeez I thought that was what you were talking about!!! And if you go to this on an iPhone it still works. The sad thing is I can’t find the link. Sorry :-(. But since I don’t have an iPhone if someone with an iPhone tried looking and found it I think everyone here would appreciate that!

That is how I found Fluther I was looking at web apps and saw that it was there, checked out the site and I here I am.

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There is a Mobile Version. Fool. Only for iPhones though.

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yeah i think tney will 4 sure

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