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Have you had any dishes with short ribs lately?

Asked by jca (36043points) April 9th, 2016

In the past week, I’ve seen or heard at least three dishes that featured short ribs. On Epicurious, they had a short rib dish, Jamie Oliver on FB had a short rib dish, and now on the cooking show Pioneer Woman, she is talking about short ribs.

A few months ago, we were visiting a friend whose mother is an incredible cook. She made short ribs in marinara sauce with pasta (I think it’s somewhat similar to what Jamie Oliver had). It was sooo good. Probably one of two best pasta dishes I’ve ever eaten (the other being a lasagna my mom made once that featured three meats: beef, pork and sausage).

I don’t cook much so I’ll never be making short ribs, at least no time soon, but have you had any such dish lately?

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Not lately, but years ago – decades ago – my wife used to make a mustard-based … I don’t know, not really a marinade, and certainly not a sauce … that she would slow-cook short ribs in. (I know, it sounds ridiculous and maybe even somewhat disgusting – and those were my first thoughts when she announced the plan – even though I like mustard a lot.)

They became a family favorite for many years.

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Yes, I like to make short ribs. The meat is so tender and has so much flavor. All it really takes is an investment of time.

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I haven’t had any type of beef rib in a long time. I have had the little pork ribs, I don’t remember the correct name. The ones that come in long strips from the market and then you cut them between the bone to make little cube-like pieces. A lot of stores don’t sell them.

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I have had short ribs at catered social functions twice in the last three months. Both times they were served in an asian inspired sauce, sort of a soy sauce based but sweet barbecue sauce, but not at all teriyaki. Still meant to seated with fingers, and delicious but messy, so lots of napkins!

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About a year back our local Buca di Beppo eliminated their delicious short ribs from their menu. We mourn the loss.

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I think what you’re describing is Flanken. Interestingly, it’s the same meat as short ribs except that they’re cut criosswise instead. Same delicious taste tho.

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^^I just googled flanken, and yes it looks like that, but pork.

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Interesting. I never knew there was such a thing as pork Flanken (rather than beef) since it’s a cut of meat traditionally offered by Kosher butchers.

Most supermarkets don’t normally carry it unless they’re located in a Jewish neighborhood or large city but you can always count on finding it at any Kosher butcher.

Of course, nowadays, with the general melting pot ambience of the US, that same cut is also used for Korean Kalbi (a type of barbecue dish).

There’s nothing new under the sun :)

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@Buttonstc It’s hard to find. The only place I see it is Walmart, because they have a larger Hispanic population shopping there where I’ve lived probably. Although, my exboyfriend’s mom used the pork like that also and that was before the days of Walmart where I lived. I’d be surprised if there is a Walmart there even now.

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Yes. I ruined the meal by slow cooking it. A fluther jelly helped me fix the meal by cooking in the electric frying pan with ketchup mustard and cola.

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