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Foodies! I'm in an experimental mood. How should I do this (see details)

Asked by Strauss (21820points) October 18th, 2013

I have a package of “heat-n-eat” Mumbai Pav Bhaji, (veggie curry) but I have no pav (bread). I do, however, have a package of lean beef, cut for stew. I plan on cooking the beef on its own (with seasonings, onion, bell pepper, garlic, etc) and serving it alongside the bhaji, with a garden salad on the side. I have a full pantry of various herbs, spices and seasonings for the beef. Any suggestions?

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I would make the beef into a curry too – if you have Indian spices in your pantry. Fry some turmeric, coriander seeds and ground cumin in oil along with chopped onion and the garlic. When the spices are brown but not burnt and the onion is soft, add the beef and brown, then the rest of the veggies. Add some canned tomatoes and cover and let it simmer for about ½ hour. Serve with the vegetable curry and rice.

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@janbb Thanks. I took your advice and curried the beef, and served with quinoa (fried-rice style).

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