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Why are curvy or overweight women preferred these days?

Asked by dopeguru (1917points) April 13th, 2016

My confusion is because I grew up being told that skinny figures were ideal. Thats what men and women simply liked and desired to be. In 2016, I stumble upon more men who love women with enormous butts than slim figured women. I thought ‘taste’ about other gender was something that didn’t change based on trends… I’m just confused. Have I been fooled growing up?

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Rejoice in all of them. Once again, there’s a reason why Baskin Robbins has those 31 flavors.

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What’s perceived as attractive is constantly changing, including perceptions on weight. I don’t know the historical trends well enough to outline them in much detail (and I’m too sleepy right now to look them up… maybe another jelly will bring out more!) But beauty standards change from time period to time period, and from culture to culture. Usually attractiveness is tied into what the visual represents. For example (over simplistic, but this is part of it)—for a long time, carrying extra pounds meant you had more resources—it was a sign of success, and so of attractiveness; when it stopped being a sign of success, and developed other connotations, it was seen as less attractive. It seems to me that lately there has been a push to separate weight from those kinds of status connotations, which has resulted in the push to try and overtly change the beauty dialogue.

In a more cynical interpretation… I think the fashion industry has made a lot of money for a long time telling people they are not good enough, so they should buy more clothes to hide their inadequacies. Now it seems like they’ve realized they can make more money if they say you are good enough, come buy more clothes to celebrate and showcase yourself, you deserve more (stuff). At least, that’s how it’s felt like the advertisements have shifted to me.

More cynical: on average we are carrying more weight now than we used to—everyone having near-instant access to a wealth of food and an endless barrage of advertisements for that food will do that—so it makes sense the industry is shifting its focus to an apparently different demographic.

More optimistic: people are successfully presenting concepts of beauty that had been previously dismissed, and their relatively suddenly inclusion (or re-inclusion) into the discussion of attractiveness makes it seem like the perception of attractiveness is shifting—when probably it’s just becoming more varied.

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They aren’t preferred. Some men like women with big bottoms, some don’t. Some men like women with big boobs, others do not. People are individuals. There are plenty of larger women who would say the opposite to you. They would say most men prefer slim women. Men are unique and their preferences are diverse. There are plenty of men who love slim women.

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I have liked big boobs for 30 years. Sometimes that takes a big chassis and I am cool with that.

I’m afraid the waif/whatever body-type thing has been exacerbated with instagram. At least in my day all the ladies had to live up to was Cosmo. And that was easily debunked.

Ladies. Eat Pizza and have some curves. I love it. I don’t care, I love it!

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“I thought ‘taste’ about other gender was something that didn’t change based on trends.”

All beauty ideals are subject to changing trends.

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Just google “thinspo” and you’ll see that the desire to be thin (and to appeal) to men is just as prevalent as it ever was.

I find that very few men prefer women who are truly “fat”—the vast majority want small waists with “curves in the right places” and if she’s packing a little extra in the behind, better yet.

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Trends, as always of course.

But this time there’s another factor that wasn’t there before and it’s staring you right in the face:

The Internet.

I’m surprised I’m the first to mention it but I have watched this occur over time.

Sadly we still live in a world that demands poplar acceptance. In current times it still largely reflects badly on a man to be involved with, or interested in, a big woman. A man should do better, in other words be associated with a girl with model proportions.

This is slowly changing. Trends? Yes, but also the effect of the Internet’s infinite reach. As more and more big girl content becomes available to all, men and women both, more people see that thick and beyond women are of interest to those around them.

I could get scientific about all this. The fact that weight gain among both men and women has increased along nearly identical lines as the increase in artificial components in our food. Not really the point, except that more big girls are available.

I’m old enough to recall a time when the trifecta of a pretty, large and confident woman was a rare thing. I knew I wouldn’t take it for granted when I saw it.

I recall with great clarity the first time I did. I was idling at an intersection when I saw a young girl waiting to cross the street. She was heavy, but it was obvious to me by her clothing choices and poise that she was utterly comfortable in her skin. The year was 1991.

I’ve known and loved them all, corpulent and emaciated, everything in between.

Women are beautiful.

God bless them all.

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Because most women are curvy.

Skinny models only represent a small percentage of the population.

This is why you should limit watching TV and reading magazines. It brainwashes you away from reality.

There is no ideal. Different people are attracted to different things. Some people like skinny. Some people like curvy. Some people like fat. Some people like dark skin . Some people like fair skin.

Maybe you need to start thinking for yourself . Start questioning the world around you. Because the world is full of alot of lies and brainswashing, especially the TV.

God made all human beings beautiful. Do you think he says ’ i am going to make you ugly so people would laugh at you’.

It is a handful of people in society that brainwashes our perception of beauty.

Start thinking for yourself and questioning things. Because someone says something is beautiful that doesn’t mean it is so for everyone.


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