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What are the fruits you find weird?

Asked by throwaccount (147points) April 16th, 2016

Pineapples are weird for me, they’re like angry sour fruits. They look like they don’t come from Earth! They’re like strawberries that became large and angry and turned yellow and sour. Do you have any fruits you find weird?

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Kumquats. They look like they’d be sweet and delicious, but they are horrible and their name is ridiculous. Passionfruit is anything but. Pulpy, slimy seeds, yuk. Granateple… what is that in English? They taste delicious, but they are so much work for mostly just seeds. I always laugh when I see them in the store from Israel, because they literally translate to Grenade Apples. I think to myself, ‘Oh look, a crate of grenades from Israel!’ Oh… they are called Pomegranates in English (which is, French and not English) Of course the word, Granat, in this case is the French and means ‘garnet’ in regards to the colour, but it’s my weird multilingual brain doing its thing.

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It’s an obvious answer, I know, but I just can’t get past the durian. It’s enormous, spiky, smells like shit, and when you pull the fleshy parts out to eat them, they have the shape, color, and rubbery texture of a fetal pig preserved in formalin.

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Kiwi. They are so odd, green with all those tiny black seeds but they taste delicious.

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@syz But the durian is so delicious!

I can’t figure out figs. They seem to be near rotting to eat, and then you have to deal with the skin. But they are delicious when someone else does the work.

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Prickly pear, lychee and granadilla.

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@zenvelo The custard-like texture is okay, but the flavor is too mild to make up for that smell.

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Persimmons are another I find weird. Baked into bread or muffins they are okay but otherwise, ick. Strange fruit indeed. haha

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I’ve recently discovered the disappointment that are kumquats. They look like baby oranges.. yet, they’re almost as sour as a lemon. And you’re supposed to dumb down the tartness by just eating the skin (which is supposed to add a slightly bitter sweetness) and all. Left much to be desired.

I like rambutan! It looks harsh.. almost like an over sized stickaburr (or sticker or goathead or burr..whatever region you’re from), but the innards are subtly sweet and looks like a little white ball. Despite its appearance it’s easy to open, too.

I’ve also gotten to try dragonfruit recently and I’m hoping I just got a bad batch. While pretty and fun to eat and really digging the texture, it was incredibly bland. I’m going to try it again at some point and give it another shot. If it tastes better I’ll be adding it to my smoothies.

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Oooh..Guavas…I .love Guavas. I make champagne cocktails with pink Guava juice, try it, you’ll like it! haha

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Bananas, bendy yellow bastards

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Apples. They are just so crunchy and green. Or red.

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Oh dear God, I seem to be channelling @ucme

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I’m with @ucme on this one, bananas are weird. But I find them weird because they are so mooshy on the inside.

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That @Stinley suggests it to be a bad thing, means it thankfully could never be

@NerdyKeith Yeah, a bruised banana is just ugly, wait a sec, isn’t their such a thing as an ugli fruit?
Then that’s definitely weird

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Dragon Fruit is kind of funky looking. It looks like something that would have been passed around in the swinging 60’s. Very psychedelic.

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Tomatoes. I love them but struggle to consider them as a fruit.

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@Kardamom You left out the inside, which is just as weird. And the plant that they grow on is this weird, floppy cactus looking thing (there are fields and fields of them where my sister lives in S Florida – they tie them onto these buried posts).

The horned melon is kinda freaky, too.

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It’s the size of a basketball, with huge spikes, grows on a tall tree, and smells to high heaven.

I think that’s nature’s way of saying “Stay the f*ck away from this thing!”


What other fruit actually kills people?

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