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Is all pineapple grown in Hawaii?

Asked by occ (4080points) February 22nd, 2008

Are there any regions in the continental U.S. that grow pineapple? Are there other places besides Hawaii where it’s grown? If I want to buy pineapple grown as close as possible to California (in order to reduce the pollution caused in transporting the food long distances) what is the closest pineapple-growing region to San Francisco?

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Major producing areas are Hawaii, Brazil, Malaysia, Taiwan, Mexico, the Philippines, South Africa and Puerto Rico.

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Hawaii is probably the closest. For us in New Zealand, it’s Australia.

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Central America would probally be the closest and freshest to you.

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This answer is quite late, however perhaps it will be of help. Southern California coastal areas produce some pineapple, but for all of you in the Bay Area, Dole has a pineapple farm on the coast near Monterey.

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