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What is the best way to cook corn?

Asked by occ (4173points) July 19th, 2007

I have some yummy fresh corn. I don't have a grill. What's the easiest way to prepare it that will give it the most flavor? Boiling it? and if so, how long do I boil it?

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Boiling it usually keeps the flavour (or so I've found!). It doesn't take too long, I think if you prod it every couple of minutes then you'll be able to tell when it is cooked. I reckon around 5 - 10 minutes maybe? It's been a very long time since I cooked corn!

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If the husk is still on it, what i've found works great is to leave those on. Pull off most of it, but leave the few layers around the corn. When you boil the corn, it shouldn't take too long, you'll start smelling it when it's done. If you leave the husks on, when you remove the corn, run it under cold water then peal the remaining leaves off. All the silk will come off much easier once it's cooked (especially if you remove it while running water on it)

Good luck and happy shucking!

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The lazy way is to pull the husks back partially, exposing the kernels, splash some cold water on, pull husks back up, put in microwave and zap on high for several minutes, depending on power of MV. Remove, (carefully, since it is hot, and run under cold water to stop cooking and make handling safe) . Remove husks and voil?, For really fresh corn, I MV for about 4 minutes/ear. NO pots to wash.

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@gail Another microwave method, wrap a wet paper towel around the corn and then nuke it.

We have a farmers market right next to our school. 15cents for an ear of corn. Needless to say on our budget, we go through a lot of corn when they have it.

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Take out the outer husks, soak in water, and then steam on the grill while you're cooking everything else! YUMMY!

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boiling is great - but only a couple minutes! 2-3 or so!

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boil for a short while, like zina says. also (though you may find this distasteful), my mom adds a few tablespoons of sugar to the boiling water and they come out super sweet.

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i've heard that as well - maybe just one spoonful. or also a little salt in the water? i always just roll them in butter or salt them afterward

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I always add salt to the water

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Really fresh corn is delicious w/o salt or butter. I have a friend who eats it raw at this time of year, but it is a bit indigestible.

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Once it's cooked I like to dip a slice of fresh lime in chili powder and then rub the chili and lime juice all over the corn. DELICIOUS. A good alternative to butter and salt.

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I am in the business of selling fresh produce. I have sold well over 3 million cobs of sweet corn in the past 14 years. I have found that the best way to cook the corn is, first, husk it and then put it in a plastic bag or sack with a spoonful of water and microwave it for 1.5 minutes per cob…..4 cobs=6 minutes. Careful pulling the cobs out of the sack because it will release a lot of hot steam. The corn will be steamed perfectly and ready for the application of real butter. Boiling the corn will cause the corn to absorb the water and make it a bit soggy. The main key to great tasting sweet corn is to find it fresh, picked that day and then eat it that day. During the summer months when my produce stands are open I eat at least one raw cob of corn every day. If you are eating a good quality, sugar enhanced variety it will taste better than sweet peas!

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@cornman I’ll definitely have to try that!

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Man! My mouth is watering thinking about fresh sweet corn dripping with butter and a touch of salt and pepper. 15 more weeks!

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@cornman; the raw corn doesn’t upset your GI tract? Obviously not. And I have found that really fresh corn stands alone; I use neither butter, salt nor pepper and sometimes have a meal of four ears and a fresh tomato. Perfect.

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It’s all about getting a good variety, picking it before it gets too old and starchy and eating as soon as you can after it is picked. It does not upset my GI tubes but I only eat 1–2 cobs per day. I also love the vine ripened tomatoes, sliced, with a pinch of salt and pepper.

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@cornman; and a pinch of fresh basil. Too bad I can’t grow corn in tubs as I can the tomatoes and basil. When I brush by the leaves w. my legs, the aroma wafts by me. Bliss.

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My husband cooks his fresh corn husked and in water that only comes up to the half-way mark on the sides of the cobs, turning them over after a few minutes. FYI: my produce man swears by using mayo instead of butter.

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