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Have you ever overcome torment?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (17721points) May 7th, 2016

I had what could only be described as torment in university 15 years ago. Now It has mostly vanished with time. I didn’t know that It would. When you were tormented , did you know that it would be over? What helped?

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I have been tormented my entire life until recently. The sources were various: my acquaintances, my classmates, asaholes that came into my life, and even myself. The only thing that helped me overcome torment was my own acceptance for myself. I have learned that once I start seeing myself as who I am I can combat the noise around me.

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My heritage is German and my legal name is VERY German and I went to school in Junior High and High School that was 90+% Jewish. Being called a Nazi for 5 years was unfun to say the least. Hanging with the Catholic Greasers was not an option either because they were a worse bunch of tools. I could not wait to graduate.

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If by torment you mean bullying than yes in grade school. But I learned to step up for myself. I grew up with 3 older brothers so I was never quite a wall flower. During my early teens as I started to get acne and grow boobs and had braces (the awful steel kind) I felt insecure and my tormentors realized that. But then I remembered that I was athletic, smart, funny and had great friends and thought that my tormentors had ever reason to feel threaten by me because they weren’t anything like that and that built my confidence. So when they picked on me, I ignored them. I knew that some day the zits would be gone, and my body would be attractive to many, and my wit and smarts would be appreciated and straight teeth. I remember a boy writing something really mean in my year book. I was so hurt but then I remembered that he will always be dumb and age will eventually get rid of his looks and he certainly didn’t have humor, wit of a kind nature so he will lose all his friends eventually, because looks can only get you so far. In a way, his torment made me who I am. It helped me to see that I was only ugly if I let myself turn into him.
I hold no ill will and actually feel grateful. After that day, I never quite lost my confidence again, and when I am not quite feeling myself and my confidence is a little shaken, I remember that moment and remember that it isn’t what others think that should matter. It is what we think of ourselves.
But I can’t say I have ever really been tormented in a physical sense, or stalked.

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The butler placed a dessert spoon on the wrong side while setting table for dinner, drove me quite mad, but I kept my dignity & fired him in front of the gathered guests, we did laugh so

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Most of my life has been a collection of torments, from the people closest to me unfortunately. I’m hoping that after fifteen years I’d be able to say I got over them too. I imagine it will be difficult, some wounds are deeper than others, but I’m hopeful. Currently I’m nowhere near overcoming them.

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Nobody has ever tormented me as much as I torment myself. No, I haven’t overcome that.

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No, I never did overcome it. I simply lived through it and came out on the other side.

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Experiencing torment is a means or reason to change.
It means that whatever is causing your torment, situation,people, etc is their to motivate one to CHANGE ,direction,location,people,foods,schools whatever is out of balance.
When you change, you are seeking Balance in all of your life.

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