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Who is the least popular candidate: Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump?

Asked by twotailz (39points) May 10th, 2016

This year is historic because the two most unpopular candidates are running for president.

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CNN is ball-slathering over a single poll that has Trump up in a few swing states. Making it seem close is kinda needed for filling 24 hours of news.

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Their net favourability rating (the difference between the proportion of people who like and dislike them) is the lowest of any Presidential candidate in polling history.

Trump’s net favourability is as bad as -40.

Clinton’s is as bad as -20.

Trump is the least popular candidate.

Source: FiveThirtyEight

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That is why there will be an election in November. Anything else is speculation.

I don’t think one can say “the two most unpopular.” Trump is far more popular than Huckabee, or Walker, or Cruz, or 13 other people.

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Trump, at this time.

But in American politics, starting from behind is often the favored position. Trunp has a hell of a lot of room for improvement, while Hillary is basically going to be treading water.
Trump is all show, and Hillary is all…snooze.

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Hillary has been sorely unpopular for years….Donald is new to the dance so Hillary is the least likeable thus far and the fact that Sanders beats Trump in popularity polls and Hill does not hammers this point home.

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I don’t know since I don’t believe polls are accurate. We really won’t know until election day.

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We will find out in a couple of months who of them is the least unpopular. I believe this election is unique among Presidential elections of at least the past century for the lack of real widespread enthusiasm for either casndidate. A real Hobson’s choice lies before us.

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@Pandora I think the fact that even hard core, uber-conservative, Obama-hating republicans are dissing Trump says something.

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