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Is it weird to add a guy you barely know on Facebook?

Asked by travelbabe24 (262points) May 12th, 2016 from iPhone

I’ve talked to this guy maybe once or twice. He was in my class this semester. We seemed to get along well. I had the feeling that he was interested, and I’m really interested in getting to know him.

We would always make eye contact multiple times a day and just smile at each other. I would always catch him staring and his body language made it seem that he was interested. I kept waiting and waiting for him to ask me for my number but the semester ended and he never did. (I’m so stupid, why didn’t I ask him?!?!)

Anyways, is it weird if I add him and message him? I don’t want to seem creepy or like a stalker…

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Put it this way:

When you’re on your deathbed, are you more likely to think to yourself

Man, I wish I hadn’t messaged that cute guy on Facebook


Damn, why didn’t I message that cute guy when I had the chance?

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No, it’s not weird. I have lots of people, male and female, I don’t really know on Facebook.

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Try it. If he doesn’t want to be friends, he won’t add you. At least you made the approach.

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I know all of my facebook friends very well.

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You don’t need to send a friend request to send a message unless his profile is blocked. Why not start with a message and see if it progresses?

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OK, why is everyone always Staring and Staring at you? Even from this current question.

I think I might want to know the answer to that, before I even thought about friending someone on Facebook.

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That is really interesting. It is not, however, unique.

No. Make only people you know Facebook friends. Be safe. The world is full of weirdos. The time will come when you do know him and then you can add him. He doesn’t need to be able to see what you do on Facebook. The mother thing just shines through sometimes. )

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Add him. It’s not weird. If he turns out to be a creep you can block him.

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What do you have to lose? Go for it. He can always ignore you if he’s not interested.

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Hell, you can add me on Facebook if you want. Does anyone really care what happens on social media? It’s basically staring into a cesspool, without the smell.

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