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Is it possible that one out of 1000 great whites can be harmless?

Asked by gatablanca (37points) July 29th, 2008
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what exactly do you mean? that it’s not a man-eater? if so yes.
It’s more likely that it’s the other way around 1 in a 1000 is harmFUL.
Infact it would be more.

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There is no “harmless” or “not harmless”. A shark is a shark. They eat to live. If we make the mistake of going into their habitat and floating on the surface in a wetsuit looking like a seal (surfers), then we take the risk of being mistakenly chomped.

Of course, if we keep wiping them out indescrimanately, they won’t be around to bother us. They also won’t be around to fulfill whatever vital role they play in the ecosystem. Compare how many humans are killed by sharks with how many sharks are killed by humans – who’s the villain?!

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What do you mean 1 out of 1000?? There is only one Great White!!

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I’m Great White and Harmless…

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Did you get this stat from Google?

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