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What is it that identifies you as a person?

Asked by NerdyKeith (5479points) May 20th, 2016

I suppose with me humanism is a very big part of me.

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The fact that I’m an oddball who loves every unpopular things from almost all aspects of life.

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My haecceity (pretty much by definition). ~

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My sense of humor, perhaps.

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Cogito ergo sum.

Je pense donc je suis.

I think, therefore I clam. (Ivar Haglund 1905 – 1985)

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Ha ha! You had me running for the dictionary, @canidmajor!

Female. White. Reasonably intelligent. Loves to teach. I look for the funny in things whenever I can, and reach for that instead of anger or frustration.

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@Dutchess_III, yeah, “clam” gets me every time! ;-)

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I guess being an asshole in a respectable way.

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I haven’t been able to figure this out. Getting sick at 14 meant I didn’t really have a chance to form an identity around something other than “huh well I guess almost dying and then not is kind of a notable feature of my life.” For awhile I clung to a weird sense of pride for making it through that shit without losing my optimism, then I did lose my optimism and I didn’t know what to make of myself anymore. Then I realized that having an identity based on a disease was stupid but I haven’t figured out what else to stick in that gap if I take out the disease bit. I dunno man.

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My fingerprints.

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My son described me as warm and caring. That works for starters.

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A barely bottled storm of conflicting manners, insights, policies, behaviors.

I try to use it to my advantage. Juxtaposition is a powerful component of humor.

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My highly prized 25 yd doggie paddle sictiffakit

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I believe I’m a pleasure to be around and I have a very contagious smile.

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Oh & my pink My Lil Pony onesie, super comfy

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Well I look like one. And I talk and act like one, too.

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Fingerprints are a red herring. Finger prints aren’t anywhere near exact as Hollywood makes out. DNA is the only thing and that is ONLY if we are not an identical twin or a Chimera. So, in my case, it is my DNA. I don’t think I’m chimera.

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I’m not the person to ask, unless the question is the simplistic “how do I pick you out of a crowd?”

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“I think, therefore you are”

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OK, so how do I pick you out of a crowd, @stanleybmanly?

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You are MUCH too cheerful. But you can recognize me because I’m the one with the visible symptoms of a lifelong persecution complex.

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My sensitivity and compassion.

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My government issued photo ID.

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Nothing really. Just a normal guy slogging through life looking for some occupational action.

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