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How should Clinton campaign against Trump?

Asked by LostInParadise (31942points) May 25th, 2016

We know what Trump’s tactics are like. He will make it personal, just like he successfully did against all his Republican rivals and as he has already started doing against Clinton. He is going to dredge up all the unsubstantiated charges that were made against Bill and he is going to paint Clinton as weak for going along with them.

I think Clinton should focus on getting out the votes of minority and women voters. The party should do its best to register new voters. Clinton should point out all of Trump’s statements against blacks, Muslims, Latinos and women. He should be painted as a hateful person trying to fragment the country. I would rephrase his slogan as “Make America white again”.

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She could start by proactively releasing the transcripts, explaining her support for the Patriot Act (twice), apologizing for being on the wrong side of everything, including her support for DOMA, DADT, NAFTA, PNTR with China, TPP (until forced not to), fracking, Henry Kissinger, the invasion of Iraq, welfare reform in 90s, as well as her opposition to tuition-free college and universal single-payer healthcare, and her time on the board of Walmart, and apologize for her harming of feminism by cynically using it as a campaign strategy when she knows better, publicly oppose Wasserman-Schulz and call for her resignation, and give up her red-baiting and lying.

Or she could end her bid for Democratic nominee.

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She has to run two campaigns at once.

First – send a positive, constructive, adult-level message that she has her shit together and can run the country. Not just for women and minorities – she has to show the business types that she is responsible as well.

Second – she has to be willing to fight back tooth and nail with every assholish thing that Trump says about her. Being nice will get her nowhere.

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@elbanditoroso , I expect record levels of mud slinging by both sides.

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@LostInParadise – me too. be sure to stock up on pretzels and beer…it should be an entertaining fall.

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I think this is already and will continue to be the nastiest campaign ever in my lifetime.

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I’ll settle for @DoNotKnowMuch‘s list.

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Hillary Clinton can’t effectively campaign against Donald Trump.
She is incapable of making simple statements.
She cannot let the simplest of statements go without responding with TMI.

The best thing she could do is hire a Hollywood laugh coach. Develop an infectious, laugh that she can do spontaneously whenever confronted with the latest Trump nonsense.

We’re doomed as doomed can be.

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With Dickless Donald now talking about Vince Foster, Whitewater, Monica, and all that, just point out his birther position, and his conspiracy theories as the blind hatred they are.

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It’s during the discussions around Clinton’s considerable baggage that the suspicion creeps back into my head that Trump is running in order to assure her election. Because despite her combined list of both real and imaginary flaws, the proposition of Trump as an improvement is just a hurdle too high for a functioning mind to clear.

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I think that she should challenge him to a duel. If she mounts the challenge, then he will have the choice of weapons (I would suggest lethal poisoned darts, but the more prosaic option would be pistols at twenty paces).

Then we can execute the survivor and restart this joke of an electoral process.

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^^^^^^^^^^^ THAT!!
Televised live across the globe, obviously

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Clinton should talk about the future and what she wants to accomplish, and leave the negative campaigning to others.

Negative campaigns suppress the vote and suppressing the vote is an eternal Republican goal.

I would like to see a PAC run commercials composed solely of nasty comments from Trump, so voters know the score.

It’s needed because Trump successfully distracts the press with constant antics, and anything older than 24 or maybe even 12 hours is sent down the memory hole.

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Clinton should campaign against Trump by admitting Sanders should be the nominee, and dropping out of the campaign.

Oh, and by donating all of her campaign war chest to the campaigns of actual progressive candidates, Sanders and others in local races.

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I second the suggestion by @DoNotKnowMuch

She should end her campaign and let Sanders take the nomination.

Hillary is a terrible candidate with a lot of blood and shit on her hands. Sanders is a nice a guy and wanted to run a clean and positive campaign, and almost entirely avoided attacking Hillary in any particularly damaging way.

Trump won’t be so nice. Trump will attack and dismantle her. Trump himself can only go up in ratings. Watch her approval ratings get even worse in the coming weeks.

I’m growingly convinced that if she stays to run as the Democratic nominee, you will be getting a President Trump. And I will find it hilarious.

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I think staying quite right now will help. Just stick to what she plans to do and how she believes she can implement the changes she campaigning to do.
Let Trump and Bernie battle things out, or should I say let their followers battle things out. The more the liberals fight Trump at his rallies the more disgusted they become with him and his followers, so the less likely they will vote for Trump, and your not so radical democrats who are on the fence will see Bernie not so different than Trump and will sway Hillary’s way. So all she would have to do is keep talking to those who do support her and make sure she doesn’t lose them. Then come around the general once she has real debates with Trump she just has to be herself and actually talk how she’s going to address certain issues. Where Trump will just come back with, make America great – I’m going to hire the right people- and I’m going to do big things, but no real sound bites on policies. And if he should rehearse some and answer some policy questions, then all she has to do is ask him more details about it and he will lose it. Game over.

Of course there is a chance that Bernie can disable Hillary so much that the democratic party splits (like he wants) and Trump wins by default because they won’t have enough democratic votes to win against Trump.

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It seems to me that the best way to bust up the Trump show is to do to him what he’s done to the Republican Party. The snakes in the pit of Trump fans can be clumped into types. There are those who actually believe and hope that the Don can pull off the crazy shit he promises. These along with the folks who would vote for a crawdad bearing a Republican sticker are beyond reasoning or logical argument. Then there are those who so detest Clinton that for them Trump even with his glaring baggage is the lesser evil. They are identifiable by such tells as “he isn’t as bad as he sounds” or “he doesn’t really mean any of that stuff. He’s just pouring out that rhetoric to whip up the vote.” This is the crowd that Clinton or rather the DNC should and will go to work on. The beauty of a negative campaign against Trump is that no exaggeration or underhanded sliming is required. Unlike Hillary bashing, when it comes to the Don, there is little to be invented that can top the actual unvarnished truth. The arsenal of ammunition available from recordings of the man’s own speeches is truly formidable, and while these utterances are actually responsible for Trump’s success, we will see just what happens when skillful people take a whack at stringing all of that batshit crazy stuff together.

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