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How do I defrost strawberries?"?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (19783points) May 27th, 2016

Or would it be better to thaw in the fridge for 3 to 6 hours? Or on the counter top? I took half of the bag and put it in a container In the fridge.

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Put them in a pot filled with room temperature water.
Microwaving them will turn them to mush.

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What @ragingloli said, or just put in a bowl and leave on the countertop (coved) for an hour and a half.

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Ok I ate them they were ok. No taste though. Thanks. No frost. Was ok.

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Depending on how I intend to use them, I sometimes zap frozen berries for a few seconds, just to soften them up. But my preferred method is to put them in a bowl of cool or slightly lukewarm water. I used to think that defrosting that way would take a long time, but actually they soften pretty fast, especially if they’re flash frozen.

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Depending on how I want to use them, generally letting them thaw in a covered bowl on a room temperature counter for a half-hour or so is enough. For strawberry shortcake or a topping for vanilla ice cream I’ll generally slice/mash the berries when still half-frozen and sprinkle with granulated sugar as they complete the thawing process. (This is, I think, the single thing that I’ve used granulated sugar for in the past ten years or so, which makes me not a bit guilty to be liberal in the application.)

The sugar adds some sweetness – obviously – but it also tends to draw out the berries’ juice into a sweet, delicious strawberry syrup.

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@RedDeerGuy1 next time, just buy a pint of fresh strawberries. Tastes much better and you won’t feel they have gone to waste.

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@zenvelo It was an impulse buy from Walmart to add cheap fruit to my diet. I won’t do it again. I should have walked across the highway and have gone to Sobeys. Its only a $5 mistake that I have learned from.

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I finished the strawberries. Under Hot water for 10 minutes. Was ok . Thanks all.

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