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The plant is extremely prickly. Some have yellow flesh, and some white. People here prefer the white. It’s incredibly easy to grow here. You can grow it: cut off the top and put that on a pot of moist soil that you keep moist. It’s delicious in curry.

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Mmm pineapple curry.

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Takes two years o grow a pineapple (not related to a pine tree or an apple tree) !

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The pineapple was once a status symbol because it was so rare. The Earl of Dunmore even built a summerhouse in the shape of a pineapple

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@flutherother In fact, it was used as a symbol of hospitality in both Great Britain and Colonial America because of its rarity. Pineapples were used as centerpieces on the table and not eaten and often were carved in wood as decor as signs of hospitality.

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It is great on Pizza.

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^^ It is awful on pizza!

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They grow in places where the temperature stays above 60* F, except for short periods at night.

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Maui Gold pineapple is the best pineapple you will ever taste.

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Wow, thanks for your question just googled it and discovered that there are ten varieties of Pineapples.

I tried to grow one years ago in a plastic lidded container and yet the smell was overpowering!
Here is a link on how to grow one, I just may try again as they can grow quite larger.

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It’s wonderful on pizza. High five Raggy.

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Fresh pineapple contains an enzyme that will dissolve proteins, like what your tongue is made of. That’s why you should limit the amount of fresh pineapple you eat at any one time. But that also makes it good as a meat tenderizer. You can deactivate the enzyme by cooking the pineapple, then you can eat as much as you like.

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You can also put it in Jello, but you have to deactivate the enzyme first otherwise the Jello won’t gel. (been there)

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For some reason, water tastes bitter to me after I’ve eaten pineapple.

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If you blend it into a sauce, it can make almost any meat very tender and juicy when you marinade the meat in it for 60 minutes. Try it. But dont do it for longer than 60 minutes.

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@Michaellb – works best with fresh pineapple. The enzyme gets deactivated if it is heated, e.g. canning or cooking.

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This sounds really morbid. But that’s the same reason why water tastes funny after you eat pineapple. The enzymes are dissolving your tongue. Just a tiny bit. :/

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