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How do I save my search history in my Google account to access it from any computer and see previously visited pages on Google search page itself in purple color rather than blue?

Asked by sherdil (26points) May 27th, 2016

Google search shows already visited pages in purple color which is otherwise blue. But if I clear history/cookies my previously visited pages too show in blue color. When I sync my search history with my account then previously visited pages show in ‘web activity’ but they appear in normal blue color in search results so I have to keep checking ‘web activity’ to know if I have visited some page or not. I want to sync my search history to my account so that I see previously visited pages in purple on any computer when I sign in with my account. If this is not possible, is it possible with some other search like bing or using some tool?

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That is actually a function of your browser saving your history. If you use Firefox and OS X that data is stored in:

~/Library/Application\ Support/Firefox/Profiles/<random string>.default/places.sqlite

On Windows it should be in your users %appdata% folder.

Normally I would suggest using something like BTSYNC to make it so the files were mirrored across computers but the problem is this file is pretty damn big and constantly changing. Mine is 75MB and uploading that every-time I visit a new site would kill my internet connection.

Maybe something like Portable Firefox would work.

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If you use Google Chrome browser you save your bookmarks and history. You login with your gmail account and it works where ever you are

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Google Web & App Activity
“Check out your past searches and the content you’ve browsed in Chrome and other apps”

It records your history if you are logged into your Google account. If you use Gmail you are logged into your Google account.

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@Stinley @Call_Me_Jay see my question’s details. Google web activity does not provide me a solution. The history is shown in web activity only. When I am on the page with search results I can’t tell which ones I have visited earlier because all are blue.

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Maybe something like Portable Firefox would work.

That might be the key. Portable Firefox saved in Dropbox.

I have a few programs stored in Dropbox like that, so that all three computers I use have the same settings & history.

The most useful is Keypass. The same encrypted list of passwords is available on all my computers plus my phone.

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@Call_Me_Jay so I will have to download it everytime I want to use it? We don’t have such great internet speed here in India. I will have to wait for few mins before I could start browsing everytime.
Anything else that could work?

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@sherdil No, you do not have to download it every time. Dropbox syncs a folder on your computer with the cloud and your other computers.

Anything in that folder gets backed up to the cloud.

If you install Dropbox on another computer, and sign in with the same account, the files will get downloaded once.

After that, only changed files get uploaded and downloaded.

Other services which do the same thing are Microsoft Onedrive and Box Sync.

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