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How do I fix this frustrating mess? (Computer/Firefox help)

Asked by Fly (8697points) June 25th, 2012

Computer nerds geniuses needed!

I was recommended this program by another user, so I assumed that it was legitimate and that it wouldn’t pull this kind of crap. However, it installed a toolbar and changed my default address bar and toolbar search settings to Yahoo without asking me for my permission, though I’m sure it was in the fine print. Even after I uninstalled the program (when it didn’t even work for what I needed), I can’t uninstall the toolbar and it keeps overriding me every time that I change my search settings. It will last for a little while, and then revert to what are now my default settings.

I am trying desperately to return to Google and fix this whole mess. Please help! I’m using Firefox. Thanks!

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You can’t do it through the control panel screen?

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@Adirondackwannabe It’s not something that I can just search and find. I’m trying to find the hidden stuff that way, but as I said, I already uninstalled the actual program and any obvious connections to it. All I can do that way is search until I find it, and I honestly don’t really know what to look for. I’ve tried keywords like “yahoo” and have found a few things, but not the big things that are causing the problem.

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@Fly Yikes, that sounds like a mean one. I’ll look around some.

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@Adirondackwannabe Just found the toolbar and uninstalled it (though that wasn’t easy, either, of course). Hopefully that will fix the problem!

Edit: I was able to get everything back to Google now, so let’s just see if that lasts!

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Good for you, I hope that fixes it too.

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@Fly So, do you have a google toolbar on firefox? Mine packed up and left without so much as a backward glance. I can NOT get it back. What did you do? What version of FF do you have? Maybe that’s it…..

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@Trillian I have the most recent/updated version of it, and if you mean the little Google search bar in the toolbar, then yes I do have it. It’s just automatically there. When I installed this program, it changed the default search from Google to Yahoo, but the box itself was still there. Finding and uninstalling all of the little traces left behind after the uninstall seemed to do the trick, as my settings have not gone back thus far!

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Please go to the link you provided and click on the link that says “Report a problem”. By doing so, you will be helping others thinking about trying it.

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I am not familiar with this particular application, however….
You may consider a standard “system restore” before you make too many other changes.

Sometimes, this fixes these types of problems. It is in the main ‘tools’ menu of windows.

In the meantime, DO NOT work with your files, as system restore may mess with the changes you make.

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