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Can you name a food item that feels dry, like dried beans, but hasn't been dried?

Asked by Dutchess_III (42442points) June 2nd, 2016

Prompted by a suggestion from a Jelly on another thread about kidney beans.

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Oh, for the the love of god.

Kidney beans have not been dried.
Dry is the natural state of beans.
Beans will not germinate unless they are first dry.

So, we have “fresh kidney beans” that are suitable for either drying or eating, and we have “kidney beans” that are suitable for any purpose.

If you plant fresh beans they will rot, capishe? Drying is necessary for the continuation of the species.

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Calm down @ibstubro. All legumes have to be allowed to dry before they can germinate. But as they’re growing, they aren’t dry. Same with wheat and oats or other grains, @RedDeerGuy1

Potatoes have lots of moisture in them @dxs.

Bread is a man made product @Buttonstc. It has lots of moisture in it. If it’s dried out we make croutons.

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The Q was a food that “feels dry”

Bread FEELS dry whether it actually is or not.

The Q also asked about “food” There was no differentiation as to man made or not.

If you want precise answers, then I suggest that you ask PRECISE QUESTIONS.

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Alright, @Buttonstc. FYI, bread doesn’t feel dry to me, unless it IS dry. And hard.

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@Buttonstc . “Bread FEELS dry whether it actually is or not.”???
Bread doesn’t feel dry unless it’s been made to dry on purpose like @Dutchess_III pointed out.
Specific question doesn’t help if you’re going to claim bread is dry.

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…In fact spongy is the word that goes with how bread feels. omg.
Specific questions don’t help, and all caps are no substitute for…..? (fill in the blank)

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At any rate, I just mentioned that bread is a man made food, and water (or beer, milk, whatever) is used in the mixing so that’s why I wouldn’t consider it “dry.”

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That too.

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@ibstubro “So, we have “fresh kidney beans” that are suitable for either drying or eating, and we have “kidney beans” that are suitable for any purpose”
No, kidney beans can be freshly picked or dried. Both kinds of course are called kidney beans.

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Who would have thought there would be a nascent flame war over the dryness of various foods.

I’m not a nut farmer, but I think almonds are relatively dry (perhaps they have some colloidal water) without any processing.

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Just because they have a lot of moisture doesn’t mean they don’t feel dry.

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@dxs The part of the OP gave the example “like dried beans” The skin is the only part of potaoto that’s dry.
@Brian1946 Yes almonds.

How about peanuts?

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Yes, almonds. All legumes. (Legumes covers all nuts and beans.)

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So how many kinds of nuts and légumes are ther in the world? Tons right?

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Fabulous @Dutchess_III It’s a rhetorical question, the “Tons, right?” wasn’t necessary. And it’s your OP

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