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What is the best way to get over a hangover?

Asked by search_junkie (11points) July 20th, 2007

I have heard many things in the past but want to find out what the Fluther community has to say about hangover cures.

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In my experience the best way to get over a hangover is two aspirin (cause it thins the blood), a glass of water (cause it dilutes the blood and rehydrates the body) and two hours of sleep (cause it gives the previous two time to work).

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I give unto the world GD's surefire hangover stopper: The first thing is to give yourself a little down time, meaning let yourself start to sober up a bit before you go sleep.
On the way home from your evening of debauchery, stop off somewhere and buy two large (32 oz.) bottles of gatorade. Before you go to sleep, pop two Asprin (or Advil, whatever) and drink as much of the Gatorade as you can in one sitting. During the course of the night as you get up to pee ('cause you will) finish off the first bottle of Gatorade. When you wake up in the morning, first thing, drink as much of the second bottle as you can in one sitting. The end.
(There's a variant on this my college roommate used: instead of 2 Asprin, he'd drop 2 alka-seltzer directly into the Gatorade.)
Anyway, this is what I do, and I've been hungover only once- the very first time I drank.

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I find that alcohol usually helps.

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I recommend Gatorade. Helps with the dehydration.

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I too will go with ...Menudo!

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Gatorade, asprin & cysteine capsules. Make sure to use asprin not tylonol or advil they may cause liver bleeds after alchol consumption

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I’ve known plenty of ways to rid yourself of a hangover ..
They work perfectly for me, and I use them on a regular basis (If needing to..)
Hangovers are caused by the Dehydration that alcohol can cause. You urinate a lot when drinking, and your brain slowly dehydrates.
My remedies are ..

Caffeine (Not coffee; it dries you out as well.)
Gatorade or Pedialite (Hydrate yourself. Electrolytes and such, not plain water. Your body lacks electrolytes due to the alcohol consumption. Take care of your body.)
Watermelon – Fill your stomach, hydrate yourself.
A good nap with a couple of melatonin pills. (Works the best)

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or don’t drink in the first place that is my usual choice.

Being drunk is really just like a allergic response to alcohol, that is why some can seem to drink more than others.

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Stick that head in the toilet bowl haha

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The search for hangover cures isn’t new. The ancient Greeks thought that eating cabbage would cure a hangover and the ancient Romans thought that eating fried canaries would do the same. Today, some Germans eat a breakfast of red meat and bananas, some French drink strong coffee with salt, some Chinese drink spinach tea, some Puerto Ricans rub half a lemon under their drinking arm, some Haitians stick 13 black-headed needles into the cork of the bottle from which they drank, and some Russians drink vodka in an effort to cure hangovers. None of these “cures” is effective.

The best advice is to either abstain or drink in moderation.

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