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How can I play a password-protected video?

Asked by davidhimself (47points) July 20th, 2007

I downloaded a password-protected video and its password from a website to my laptop, but now I can't watch the video in my desktop computer because the password can only work on the computer the file was first played in (in this case, my laptop). Is there a way to rip the video or somehow capture the video onto a new file so that it can be played in my desktop computer?
Oh, it can only be played with the WMP, if I try to play it with another player (even on my laptop) I get indistinct video.

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Welcome to the wonderful world of DRM.

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If you still have the video on your laptop you could record it with software like Camtasia. This will only work well if you have a decent enough laptop, meaning fast enough to record the screen without causing any lag. Other than that I don't know how you could do it any other way.

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