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How many Muslims are in existence today?

Asked by Aster (19949points) June 29th, 2016

I heard on tv that even if a tiny percentage of Muslims are radical then the world is in grave danger. How many Muslims are there altogether and how many are one percent of those? I realize nobody has the exact number.

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There are 1.6 billion Muslims throughout the world, making up 23.4% of the world population, according to Google. More than 91% live in the Middle East and North Africa.

One percent of 1.6 billion is 16 million.

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There are 1.2 Billion Roman Catholics, if even a tenth of one percent is radical, (1.2 million) then the world is in grave danger.

There are 33 million Baptists in the U.S. If even one percent is radical, 330,000, then the US is in grave danger.

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@zenvelo why would the world be in grave danger of radical Roman Catholics and Baptists? Their violence seems to be historically confined to Northern Ireland and abortion clinics in the United States. I.e., far more limited and targeted than radical Muslim attacks usually are.

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@zenvelo I don’t get it. I didn’t think America and Turkey were being bombed by radical Baptists. I guess we’d better watch out for the Mormons!

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@trolltoll: Because history indicates that Catholics aren’t exempt from radicalism, and actually, atrocities committed in the name of Christianity are as frequent and outstanding.
Buy into the fear, if you must, but at least learn a thing.
@Aster-Timithy McVeigh was a white Christian man.
So was Hitler.
Just because this stuff didn’t happen yesterday doesn’t mean it didn’t happen in living memory.

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@canidmajor what? McVeigh was just one person. Have you heard of ISIS? Their members number more than one.

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@canidmajor buy into the fear? what do you mean?

In the modern day, Islam is a much greater threat to global security than Roman Catholicism or Southern Baptism. Every passing day brings new evidence of this fact. Who do you think was responsible for the airport bombing in Turkey that killed 41 people yesterday?

That is not to say that there are not dangerous Christians, or that Christianity is not fundamentally dangerous.

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Roman Catholics (and I am one) terrorized three continents and subjected the natives top slavery.

Dylann Roof was a church going Baptist, terrorized Charleston SC just a year ago.

My point is, the whole premise of your question, ”... even if a tiny percentage of Muslims are radical then the world is in grave danger. is nothing but buying into misdirected fear mongering.

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This is bizarre. Some orange guy tells you that we should all be afraid of all Muslims and you buy it. There are more horrible things happening all over than the (admittedly very frightening) terrorist attacks being carried out by ISIS right now.
Read the Quran. Read the Bible. Whole lotta violence both places.
And it’s also just silly to assume that there is some formula of “percentage” that applies to radicalism.
Better arm yourselves. Someone from a sunnier clime might just decide to move into your neighborhood.

And I’m out.

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@zenvelo Dylann Roof was one person. Was his name plastered all over the news for months on end? Did he repeat his murderous crimes and how many lost their lives? Did the US President plan to limit the numbers of Baptists entering the US because of Roof? Is our planet engaging in misdirected fear mongering now as a result of ISIS or are they a real threat with no reason to believe the carnage will continue?

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@canidmajor wow, straw man much? I never said that we should be afraid of all Muslims, let alone even implied it. And I don’t follow any orange guy. I assume you mean Trump?

Islam is a dangerous religion. That does not mean that Christianity is not also a dangerous religion! They are all bad in my book.

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@canidmajor I am offended (the word of the hour) that you would think I’d fear Muslim radicals because Trump said I should. I don’t need Trump to tell me about Muslims and I hope nobody else does.

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@Aster There is the danger of ISIS in the Middle East. But not even a small percentage of Moslems are ISIS.

Dylan Roof was one person. Omar Mateen was one person, and not part of ISIS as much as he thought he would like to be. As much as they threaten, ISIS has not carried out an attack on U.S. soil.

“I don’t need Trump to tell me about Muslims and I hope nobody else does. If your mind is made up, why did you post the question?

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Maybe we should compare the number of civilian dead & wounded due to “Coalition” military activity in the “War On Terror”(tm – George W. Bush) and compare to the dead & wounded due to “terrorism” (note this would already be biased against the “terrorists”, since we wouldn’t be counting their losses, before assessing the danger to “the world”.

Or we could look at the history of what the violence is about. Why are “terrorists” attacking the West? Because they “hate our freedom”? Or because of a long history of Western intervention and semi-occupation of the Middle East?

Or we could compare effects of ideologies. Then it’s far more complicated. If only most Catholics were more like Pope Francis, they might be relatively benevolent. Baptists I consider dangerous when one considers how much money and corrupt corporate & political power they influence, and how messed up (and ironically, extremely un-Christian) some of their thinking is, such as the Congressman who favors irresponsible industry from a mindset of looking forward to imminent Armageddon). The Mormons were mentioned as a joke, but while they put on a smiley face, they also have their own set of beliefs and behaviors which are worth a whole other topic.

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^^^^^^^ the question had to do with how many Muslims there are. @Zaku when you say “Baptists are dangerous are you speaking of mass murders or some other danger just as deadly?

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Trolltoll answered the surface question about the number of Muslims.

I was responding to the part about the “if a tiny percentage of Muslims are radical then the world is in grave danger” and the discussion which followed in this Social question.

The question has a number of problematic assumptions, including framing Muslims vs. “the world”, and assuming all “radical” Muslims are dangerous, and as others pointed out, that radical Christians are not dangerous. The implied situation is that “the world” is simply threatened by “radical Muslims”, and the number of those is the problem. I think that’s the kind of thinking that’s creating the problem that leads to the “terrorist” attacks, and to the even more destructive military actions and further intervention.

It seems to me that the most dangerous problems with the world are not specific people, but specific ways and patterns of thinking, and certain stories and world views that lead to destructive and dangerous patterns of behavior and industrial, agricultural, and military activity. And those involve Christians as much or moreso than they involve Muslims. In some cases, problematic pseudo-Christian thinking is involved with some nasty patterns of thought and behavior.

I think pointing out the damage done from a “Christian” context and a “Western” and “non-Muslim” context is useful just for the sake of trying to break out of the monolog that there is some kind of comic-book-like conflict which should be the focus of our attention. Trying to fight bad guys is never going to solve the cause of the problem.

What I think is needed is to understand the thinking and perspectives going on, and unraveling them so that the patterns can change.

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^^^^^^ Your answer reminds me of the gentleman on tv who said we should love the radical Muslims into kindness. He put it in a Biblical perspective. I guess it’s easy to say , although insane, if all your loved ones were safe when they were attacking people in Turkey and all the other locations of bloodshed. Yes; forgiveness is a good thing .

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