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Is Cross Creek Station, New Brunswick, Canada, a town? It sounds like one, and has roads/streets, but I don't see any buildings on satellite images?

Asked by Yellowdog (11158points) July 4th, 2016

Not that it even matters, but I’ve always liked New Brunswick (Canada) though I’ve never been there. The Canadian Maritime is both Appalachian and Nautical. I’ve always imagined this region as looking like the Shenandoah Valley or the Vermont inn on Newheart, or Walton’s Mountain (admittedly I am frequently disappointed when I see what places really look like), replete with stone bridges, hiking trails, a Point of Rocks, Maryland railroad station.

I’ve always thought Cross Creek Station was a pretty name for a town when I first saw it on a map of New Brunswick. Well, nowadays we have satellite imagery and street imagery at our fingertips and I get to see places I’ll never go.

Evidently, this IS a town, but I see no buildings at all. Nothing shows up on Google images, either. But the roads / streets come together like there should be a town there. The satellite imagery is poor quality and blurred, but there appear to be spots where there once were buildings.

Does a town, Cross Creek Station, New Brunswick, EXIST? Or is it just a placename on a map?

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In 1904 it was a community of 50 with a hotel and a store; it was a junction of the Canada Eastern Railway.

There is a show scheduled there on August 13. So it may just be a wide spot in the road, but there is a little life there.

—I lived in St John NB when I was very young. Most amazing thing to me was the Reversing Falls of the Bay of Fundy.

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Running to look up the Reversing Falls of the Bay of Fundy.

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Sounds like a place I visited in Maine that was a train station before 1915. Area was burned by a forest fire in the late 1940’s. Railroad tracks still there and you could see where they loaded feldspar and mica on the train. Now it is a sub-division with 20 or more homes.

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What satellite imagery are you looking at? I see houses and clearings to the left of the river shown near the placemark on Google Earth. Admittedly, the imagery there is from 2012, but there is clear evidence of people nearby, just not “on the dot” of 46.264909 N 66.6379889 W.

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Thanks— I see evidence of fields and farms but no town— thanks. Might as well just make one up.

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It may be, as the name implies to me, just a point on a line, the line being the marked “NB Trail” that it appears on in Google Earth. That is, nothing more than a way point or a stopping point on an otherwise pretty lonely trail for the settlements nearby.

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@CWOTUS The Sentier NB trail is a system of hiking trails on abandoned rail right of ways.

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Bing maps have slightly clearer imagery but there is not much there. Some quarries by the looks of it so there must be some inhabitants around.

Fascinating to home in on that one small place on the globe. Canada is a vast empty land. I would love to visit.

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@Dutchess_III Here is a NASA image of the Bay of Fundy with discussion on the tides.

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