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Is my movie theater popcorn still good after 48 hours?

Asked by Coloma (47105points) July 4th, 2016

Went to the movies Saturday night and had a free popcorn and drink on my rewards card. I never buy popcorn but since it was “free”, I indulged. I ate about half the bag and brought it home with me. Is this trans-fat, preservative loaded, fake buttered concoction still consumer safe after 48 hours should I decide to eat it later?

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It’s probably OK but possibly a bit soft although sticking it in the microwave cab help with that.

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To me, it tastes “old” when it’s been sitting at home for a day or two. I usually throw it out.

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Good as in tasty? Or good as in “safe to eat”?

I’m sure it’s safe to eat – it won’t kill you. Or even make you sick.

But it will not be crispy and light; it will be heavy and chewy. It won’t taste particularly good. If you put it in the microwave, for a very short time.

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Thanks guys, yeah, not that important, but just wondered about the safety factor. I may try it later, or not. haha

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Safe, they make popcorn to ship in large tins Gift popcorn. Don’t think you should worry about, being only a couple of days old.

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It was never good, but it’s probably as safe as it ever was.

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It probably won’t kill you, but why not just add it to the swill you feed the livestock?

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Just try it and see.

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It’s not bad, I will decide if I might snack on it later. haha

@stanleybmanly The animals don’t swill. The only animal that might eat it would be the chickens. Maybe I will get butter flavored eggs. lol

@Uberwench Well, it’s junk food, and the 1st movie theater popcorn I have had in probsbly 30 years, sooo….

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Pop corn isn’t junk food!!

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I wonder what would happen if you fried it. Maybe you can bring back the crispiness. It already has plenty of butter on it.

*If this is an epic failure, dxs does not claim responsibility. Fry at your own risk.

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You could see if the horses will take it.

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@flutherother Nah, too rich and greasy for them, don’t need anyone colicing. Carrots are the only treat they get, or, special horsey treats.

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Pour it on a cookie sheet and pop it into the oven for a few minutes.
I bet it’s as good as new.

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If you go to the theater in the morning you are probably getting last nights popcorn. We would just fill up the warmers the night before so people didn’t have to get to work so early. It takes a while to get the heaters in the poppers going to melt the oil in the lines.

If it was slow I can guarantee that people were getting popcorn that was a week old. We only cleaned the warmers once a week. I’m sure there were some stray kernels that survived the entire week.

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@johnpowell haha, straight from the popcorn makers mouth ey?
I ate a few handfuls of the leftovers and pitched the rest. It actually wasn’t too bad but too rich to eat more, that’s why I had the leftovers.

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Popcorn is sold in drug stores and dollar stores months after it was popped and nobody ever complains.

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@SmartAZ True, but it is sealed. My concern was the butter stuff on the theater popcorn might go bad in a couple days.

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Oh yes… The butter flavoring. We weren’t actually allowed to call it butter. That shit looks very different when it isn’t heated. We were instructed to not fill the butter pumps if customers could see us.

I wouldn’t eat that after a few days in the open air.

Sorry about saying it was alright to eat. I didn’t even think of the butter.

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I think it would be good enough :)

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@SmartAZ: I think the reason why the bagged stuff is ok is it is in an airtight package. The popcorn @Coloma is talking about has been exposed to air for hours and hours. Air, temperature, humidity all changes it.

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“I ate a few handfuls of the leftovers and pitched the rest.”
Case closed!

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@ibstubro Haha, yep, gone with the trash bin.
Thanks for all your inout, I am not dead from fake butter poisoning. Yay!

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Whew. I was worried about it, Coloma!

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@SmartAZ What @jca said. It’s the same reason they can sell tuna months after it’s been canned, but it will only last a few hours after it’s opened, at room temps.

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It should be rubbery but not harmful at all. Maybe if you heat it up and add hot butter you’ll like it regardless. lol

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^^^She frew it away!

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^ LOL Tomorrow it will be in the landfill, maybe the Seagulls will find it and have a feast. haha

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When I was in high school I worked in a theater. I made popcorn once a week and put it in cardboard boxes. Not airtight. This was before plastic bags were invented. The popcorn was dumped into a heated metal box at the concession stand. If somebody wanted butter, we put actual melted butter on the popcorn while they watched.

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