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If forced to choose, what type of Post-Apocalypse would you elect to live in?

Asked by ragingloli (47254points) July 4th, 2016

Your options are these:

- Post-Nuclear Wasteland filled with dangerous, mutated animals and humans, and pockets of deadly radiation
(á la “Fallout”)

- A Zombie infested world where civilisation has collapsed and you or your companions could turn into zombies at any moment
(á la “The Walking Dead”)

- A world covered in water where you life on flimsy artificial islands (á la “Waterworld”)

- A world with a global ice age where you freeze to death within minutes without protection (á la “Snow Piercer”)

- A world turned into a desert, with little to no water, filled with crazy marauders (á la “Mad Max”)

- A world after an Alien Invasion where most of humanity has been destroyed, and the rest are in hiding of Aliens that still roam the surface in search of the last humans to destroy.
(á la “Battlefield Earth”)

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Zombies, obviously.

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None of those have much appeal.

I would prefer the post-apocalyptic world of The Postman, at the end after the fight with the Holnists, where there are small pockets of people trying to make it on their own and live off the land. Sort of a rebuilding from scratch but in a positive way.

Or perhaps the world at the very end of Alas Babylon, where the folks who have survived in Florida finally come out and see that there is a world out there that can be built again.

Or maybe the folks living in Boulder at the end of The Stand.

I guess that I don’t see why all descriptions of post-apocalyptic life have to be fraught with danger and strange creatures. It’s at least as plausible that a post-apocalyptic world might be built by optimists, rather than pessimists.

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I reject your options.

I would choose the world that suffered the comet strike, as described in the Niven/Pournelle work Lucifer’s Hammer.

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Snow Piercer world is my best option.

I’ll take my chances with the weather.

I prefer not to be hunted or risk turning into a zombie.

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Anyone of those would be preferable to a country run by crazed liberals. ;)

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I would blow my brains out first before having to make a choice.

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Any one of those so long as they remain as they are, fictional entertainment
Then I could jump in & out when I liked & murder with impunity

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I guess any would do because the morphine drip causing it would be one hecka tale to tell once I became conscious again.

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I’ll take the global ice age.

I have fond memories of my youthful days skating to school, when we lived on my beloved Rodinia.

Our high school hockey team, the Rodinian Rodents, won the championship in 812,345,678 BC! ;-D

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Post Alien invasion.

I hate being hot or cold, mutated humans and animals suck, as do zombies. I’ll take my chances hiding from the aliens and find a way to grow and gather and raise my food. I’d be off to a good start right now. The huge garden here is loaded with fruit and produce and we have 22 hens a’ layin’.

There are also scads of wild Turkeys, Quail, small varieties of fish in the ½ acre or so sized pond, frogs galore, and acres of blackberry bushes. I’d be in good shape for quite awhile.
There are also 7 horses here and a mule team and wagon. Transportation, work animals or food, if necessary. You guys will all be running to me. lol

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Battlefield Earth. That way I have some tech to steal from the alien invaders. Maybe I could negotiate a peace treaty. Or at least get humans put on an endangered species and move to a zoo and procreate.

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The Mad Max world, of course.

I like the idea of being able to drive fast across a wasteland without needing a driver’s licence.

I’ll take my chances with the viscious marauding gangs of rapists and murderers.

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- A dystopian world where it’s always the evening. Crime rate is unusually high, the law is maintained by both the police and crime organizations. The good is often punished and the bad is often rewarded. There’s simply no hope at all and good people sometimes have to turn bad for their survival (à la “Every Film-Noir You Can Think of”)

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I’d probably go for the dystopian future from the two ronnies sketch “The Worm who Turned”.

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