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Are they going to remake Final Fantasy VI for Nintendo DS?

Asked by simone54 (7603points) July 30th, 2008

They already remade FF IV (II US).

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They also remade FF3 for the DS and Sony fags/Final Fantasy fans born after 1990 were horny for a potential FF7 remake on PS3. As hard up for fresh ideas square is these days, don’t be surprised if they announce a sequel for FF7 for the DS, another game starring the emo fave Vincent, a new trilogy based on FF10, a breakfast cereal based on Chocobo Billy, and a remake of Chrono Trigger to debut the PS4.

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i dont kno about 6 but i kno they have remade 1 and i think 2 aswell for the psp. i know they have remade 4 like 2 times. one for psone with chrono trigger and another for ds another remake was done for chrono trigger on the ds aswell. and to lovelocke the reason they made a sequel and prequel was yes the fan base is probably a factor but also because it seemed like they left some loose ends in the games plot “who the hell was zack?” he was considered a major influence on the main character but they didnt really go into who he was, was he even clouds friend? or was that an experiment induced fabrication on the schizo character clouds part? and with vincent? technically you could go the whole game without vincent or yuffie. and yet vincents got a fan base for his starcrossed love story that they only really hint at if you get him and his final weapon even though his past is tied to the creation of sephiroth, the main villain! but i do hope they make a remake of 6 and all the other “old school” ff games so i can too experience these games that have “elder” gamers calling the newer games “just pretty”

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