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While at my desk, is it better to sit on one of those pilates/gym balls than to sit in an office chair?

Asked by sfgal (283points) July 20th, 2007

I've noticed a couple co-workers use those big colorful gym-balls instead of chairs at their desks. They claim it is better ergonomically, since they have to try to ballance and so they are constantly shifting their weight and not in the same position for too long. Are there other advantages to using them? Anyone out there have a strong opinion either way? And where do I buy one?

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I have also heard that it's good for core strengthening (as you're using stomach/back muscles to hold yourself up) and is good for alignment/posture in a similar way.

If you google 'exercise ball' many sites describing the benefits come up. Be sure to buy one that's *exactly* the right size for your body (mainly based on leg length and therefore the angle of your hips while sitting on it).

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We have some of these where I work. We mostly use them when we need to pair on something. They're easy (and fun!) to roll over to someone else's desk. But, maybe I should commandeer one for full-time use...

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its suppose to help posture as well.

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I've also seen balance ball chairs, which are basically a ball with a wheel base and some lower back support - they're supposed to give you the same core muscle benefits, but they're a lot easier move around the office in (if you need to be wheeling back and forth, instead of sitting in one place).

Here's a link to one:

If you google "exercise ball chair" you can find a bunch more, I'm sure...

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You are far less likely to fall asleep at work when sitting on a gym ball.

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