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Is it worth the money to join a Country Club?

Asked by timothykinney (2743points) July 31st, 2008

Reasons to join might include: 1) Networking 2) You like fancy parties 3) A nice golf course 4) Pretending to be elite and telling your neighbors that you can’t make it to their 4th of July party because you are going to the Country Club, where Lionel Richie is playing.

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If you have to ask then probably not.

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Think of it as social commentary.

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Yes, its worth it :)

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Tim, you forgot to include reasons not to join:
1) Being broke. 2) Not having any money. 3) You don’t have anything to wear to fancy parties because you’re broke. 4) You can’t afford it. 5) You’re too busy working and going to school to even have a chance to go there.

Oh, it looks like the list of reasons not to is longer than the list of reasons to join! What a shame! Looks like River Oaks is not in your future! Ohhh, so sad. I know you’re all broken up inside!

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Only if have a boatload of disposable income. It is not really a cost-effective proposition unless you use it more than most members do (which is how the club makes money).

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I’ve found it’s much better to have your brother join a country club. That way, you can still play on a nice, crowd-free course for a very modest fee virtually any time you want. Screw the social stuff. I’m not into cotillions.

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socia-mawoky? Something about people. Probably not worth the money if it involves real life contact. And if networking doesn’t involve computers (that includes social networks on the internet) then it’s definately a no go. Are you just paying money to meet people? ‘tis a funny world.

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Well how else is he going to meet the elite?
Is there a physical elite any more?

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NO. I went to high school with a bunch of people who were members of country clubs, although in a non-ironic way, and they are mostly just people who enjoy lording the fact that they have many more dollars than the majority of us over everyone else. And, in my limited experiences within the clubs themselves: the food is bad, the “old money” people aren’t interested in meeting people outside of their social tier, and the under-the-rug racism and homophobia is just the icing on the cake.

But maybe that’s just where I come from…

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No, greens fees are coming down and many private country clubs are going public to try to stay alive. So you spend $50k on a membership and the next month you can get in for 50 bucks a day. Not a good investment.

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