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Do you think con artist are mean or just survivalist?

Asked by Pandora (29252points) July 27th, 2016

I’ve been reading a lot of political accusations on both of the aisle lately and the one thing I can completely say without a doubt about both parties is that they are full of crap.
But worse yet is the hate filled ignorance that some people display without researching anything for themselves.
I found myself thinking that these are the kind of people who get fleeced and perhaps they deserved it.

Please no further comment on politics. I just want to know your opinion on the following questions.

1. Are they evil or is this just survival of the fittest?
2. Do people who don’t bother to learn all the facts deserve what they get?

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evil – They generally aren’t starving, they just want more.

no – I’m not into victim blaming.

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The simple answer is one doesn’t exist without the other. Con artists, as you say, are opportunists. They exploit those who allow themselves to be exploited. More often than not, though, con artists don’t present themselves as con artists. They present themselves as providers of something people believe they want or need. If people believe the con artists can provide these things, they don’t see themselves as being exploited.

That is, until it becomes painfully obvious the person they believed in wasn’t who they represented themselves to be.

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con artists are true capitalists.

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I am not sure exactly what your question is about. It doesn’t take all kinds but we’ve got ‘em anyway.

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I think @ragingloli actually is right. They are true capitalists. They are what I say is the problem more and more in America, capitalism with no integrity.

I don’t blame the victims, because I think we all have a responsibility to each other to treat others as we want to be treated. We harm the fabric of society taking advantage of others.

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I feel they are evil.
I don’t think the victims should ever be blamed. Usually they evil ones prey on the elderly who are either confused or very trusting.

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They are usually sociopaths, lacking empathy and also, often, highly intelligent. Sociopaths, whether con-artists, cops, military affiliated, religiously affiliated, politicians or serial killers are the human super predators. Evil is a good description as true evil has no conscience and cares not what anguish or devastation they cause and no, their trusting victims do not deserve blame.

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I think con artists are generally smart-asses.
People that think they are smarter because they can live well by stealing the earnings of others.

So I don’t really think con artists are mean or survivalists. I think they could probably earn a good wage if they applied themselves to a job, but they think it’s smarter not to be tied to a wage.
There is a sociopathic element.

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Loli has a point. Is it a con, or is it salesmanship? Barnum once claimed that life is all about parting a sucker from his money. Just where do you draw the line?

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You draw the line when you’re bilking people of their life savings, preying on the elderly. Lots of despicable cons out there, not just some sleazy used car salesman selling lemons on his lot.

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Con artists are true sociopaths. No conscience.

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