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How to keep my head cool at night?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (24649points) July 28th, 2016

My pillows get too hot and I cycle multiple pillows at night. What do you do to keep your pillows cold?

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@SquirrelEStuff No. Where can I get them in Canada? edit $150 !! still looking for a trick. . Like putting ice packs in my pillowcase.

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I’m not sure what stores you have there, but Amazon should have them. Many department stores in the US have started carrying them over the past few years.
Most of them are memory foam and come with a funny smell that goes away after a few days After opening the package. I wouldn’t recommend using the pillow until the smell dissipates.

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Yes, I have had that problem, along with going hard in a short time. I tried a lot of pillows. I was paying up to fifty bux each to see if they were any good. Every time I found one that lasted more than six months I went back to get some more just like it, but the store stopped carrying it. After years of hunting, I learned that a fifteen buck pillow filled with crushed duck feathers can always be fluffed up, good for another night. I get them in pairs at and the first one is as good now as it was when I bought it three years ago. It comes with instructions to wash it and tumble dry for an hour before the first time you use it. I have not used the second one yet.

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Have you tried using a fan aimed at your head?

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@chyna I have a fan on my head at night – that one’. It’s slightly working.

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Cabela’s ISO Cool® Side-Sleeper Pillow

Dream On Me Cool Gel Memory Foam Pillow

Just a couple of the cheaper options I got from Googling “Cooling pillows”.

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Do not buy feather pillows, they are produced from cruel practices, usually from the ducks and geese that have been force fed to produce foie gras. One of the worst cruelty based practices.

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I put a bath towel over my pillow if I’m too warm.

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Freezing your pillow case in a baggie?

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Okay, so this is a girl thing most likely, but..I keep a bottle of body spray diluted about ½ and ½ with water next to my bed and on these hot summer nights after I shower and lay down I mist myself several times while falling asleep next to the fan. Feels great, but, you may just want to use plain water not Jasmine scented perfume water. lol

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@Coloma I have never seen foie gras and would not know any place to find some. Have you ever seen it? For the volume of pillows in the country, foie gras should be a lot more plentiful, according to your theory. I understand your concern, and I even agree, but we should stick to actual conditions, not vague fears.

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@SmartAZ Not vague fears. Yes, I am biased, I have an 18 yr. old pet goose that I raised from a tiny gosling. Geese, especially, are incredibly intelligent and long lived animals.
Foie gras is everywhere, in all the finer restaurants, gourmet stores, imported and exported. Some of the feather products come from that industry, others from the booming European industry, and feather farms where the extremely inhumane practice of live plucking occurs.

There are no cruelty free feather or down products out there. This is one issue I have taken under my wing as an otherwise not militant type, but I am militant about the Pate and feather plucking industries.

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100% cotton pillowcases in the finest thread count you can afford. Much cooler than mixed fibres.

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100% cotton terrycloth towel over the pillow absorbs the sweat. Definitely gives a cooler surface.

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@Buttonstc and exfoliates your face too. lol

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You might want to check into the Chillow It received a 4.2 star rating on Amazon out of 5 stars & there were 1,195 people voting.

The problem with making your own might be its tendency to LEAK where the Chillow claims to NOT leak!!! Now, IF you’re adament about making your own, you could try filling a zip lock bag with the Blue Dawn dish detergent. Spread flat & place in freezer. You could try placing the frozen bag inside another zip lock bag to possibly keeping it from leaking. I make my own ice packs whenever I sprain my ankle…of course, placing it on my ankle doesn’t create the same situation as sleeping on it!!!

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