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Would you like to be able to read removed quips?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (17697points) July 30th, 2016

I check often before it gets modded. Some of it is juicy. I would love not to read personal attacks to myself, but the rest is schadenfreude.

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If people make personal attacks against me, I’d prefer to see them.

I’m pretty cool with anything, except spam and obvious chronic trolling. (Though, I do think trolling should be more rigidly defined)

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I don’t care to see the mean stuff, but some of the off topic stuff I’d like to see if it has interesting info. Not the bullshit joking around, but when conversations go off on a tangent with semi related info.

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I’d like the comments modded to be visible but inactive.
I’ve only asked one General question lately, but I wonder at the moderated response.

I understand that’s an ignorant request. Lacking knowledge of the Mod code.

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I’m always curious when I go to a seemingly harmless question asked honestly and among the answers are a sudden string of moderated responses. I wonder what the hell happened. But that’s about it. We have really good mods and I appreciate what they do and how they do it. I feel secure that they had good reason to mod whatever occurred and move on.

Over the years the mods have kept this site from becoming another Sodahead or Answerbag, which are both dead now, except for their ghosts which can be found on the Wayback Machine thanks to the Internet Archive. They became real hell-holes.

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It was fun when it used to show who made the quip. We all knew who the repeat offenders were.

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Mostly the questions with lots of moderation have had one answer that’s a problem and the rest of them refer to it in some way so don’t make sense after moderation. We try to let folks know that they can repost any comments with the moderated bit removed. Mostly answers are simply off topic and not that controversial!.

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I would pay 99 cents a month for Fluther Prime if I could do this and see who gave me Lurve.

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Yes. Sometimes I see the majority of a thread that has moderated answers with only a few left unmoderated. I always wonder what was said.

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