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If you discovered a genuine cure made from snake oil, how would you sell it?

Asked by JeSuisRickSpringfield (8343points) August 3rd, 2016

Obviously, it would be difficult to sell it as “snake oil.” How would you get around the longstanding and well-deserved skepticism about snake oil salesmen when you were literally selling snake oil?

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Delicately. Great question.

Actually you would have to give it some scientific bullshitty name, like Serpentoleum or Oil of Crotalus (rattlesnake) or Agkistrodon ointment (copperhead).

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If its efficacy was genuine, I’d market it through alternative medicine practitioners, such as naturopathic healers, ethnic herbalists (curanderos, oriental herb shops). These types of practitioners are generally free from the restrictions of the AMA and Big Pharma.

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File a patent, Get FDA approval, find the right marketing team, and then sell it as close to covering the costs as possible.

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Buy a Gypsy wagon and horse, and drive around the countryside promoting my amazing elixer made from exotic plants. It can reverse the aging process, promote impulsive orgasms, restore youth and vitality, and can also be used in 101 ways around the house. lol

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Patent understood. Many supplements are marketed without FDA approval. To do this you would have to have a disclaimer on the label that says something like: “These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.”

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My understanding of Asia would have me believe it would do well there. It’s all about the intended market.

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Rebrand it as a diet aid that reduces wrinkles, and stimulates hair growth.

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Label it “GMO Free, Fair Trade, Organic, Homeopathic Snake Oil”.

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@Coloma, @Seek, @Hypocrisy_Central My interpretation of the OP was not one of deceit. The product was efficacious. This was just a way to market the oil in a more favorable way than “snake oil”.

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It also says it’s “just for fun”...

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@MrGrimm888 Yep, I was at the famous ” Snake Alley” at the Huaxi night market in Taipei Taiwan about 6 years ago. Crazy, every weird thing you can imagine, all kinds of snake venom, semen, turtles, eels, you name they had it. I was very careful about what I ate, no, unidentified meats on sticks. lol Some seriously weird shit there.

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@Yetanotheruser My interpretation of the OP was not one of deceit
OK, the snake oil will cure what? That would determine how i could rebrand it.

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@Hypocrisy_Central I direct your attention to the first statement of the OP:

f you discovered a genuine cure made from snake oil,...

It’s hypothetical, not hypocritical!

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Then how ‘bout Exotic reptile nectar. lol

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“Recommended by 100% of current Republican Presidential Contenders!”

I’d market it as what it is…snake oil. You can’t buy that kinda of buzz. It would be on every news feed in the free world.

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^^ [... you discovered a genuine cure made from snake oil,...
Diet aid…..I will make a killing in the US, I can tell them it was made with India ink and they would by it if they can shed the pounds while never having to get off the Barcalounger.

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Find out the correct chemical names and use them to describe what is in there. Then don’t call it “Snake Oil.” BTW, do you know what kind of snake snake oil comes from?

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Extract of Crotalus viridis

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Why not try reverse psychology? Call it something like True Snake Oil. It will definitely catch people’s attention. Whether or not they would be willing to buy I am less certain of.

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Well, I think it would branded ‘Essential Oil’.

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