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Can I capture Pokémon while staying on my home WiFi?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (24583points) August 4th, 2016

Just until I buy more data? I just signed up. There are three Pokémon close by, but I don’t really know how close.

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That defeats the purpose of why it was suggested you play. The suggestion was given to get you outside and walking.

On a recent question you said,“don’t tell me to go outside and walk.” So I am not telling you that. I am just reiterating that is why Pokemon Go was recommended to you.

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The game will be severely limited in entertainment value unless you go out and walk around. Very few pokemon will just happen to appear at your house. The reason you have 3 now is because you’ve just started and they’re letting you choose one of the 3 “starter” pokemon to begin your game.

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@zenvelo I spent ten minutes trying to catch a Charmander. And asked the first person with a cell phone. He was level 21. Every one in the park was on a cell phone. I gave up and got canned salmon and fruit pies.

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Dude, it’s time. I’m saying it to you: go out and walk.

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@all thanks for sharing. I caught a Charmander from my couch. I will go to hot spots to level up. Tomorrow. After the rain storm warning ends Edit .. I live in a hot spot so I got 100exp for my apartment. Edit the fruit pies are a calling.

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I’m going to explore my neighbourhood.

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Caught two pigies and a rat. Saw a real life wild rabbit. Met Greg at level 21. Ate a cherry mini pie. Just stopped raining. Saw a rainbow. Looking for a Psyduck. Am at level 2.

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Yay! Now, when you hit level 5 you’ll have to find a Gym to pick a team. That gives you a goal. Keep catching Mon. Keep levelling up. Keep meeting people.

I’m level 20 right now. It’s super hard to level when you get as high as I am.

I have a challenge for you.

I’m at 38,932 experience points right now. I have to hit 50,000 to get to level 21. You’ll hit level 5 at 10,000 EXP.

I challenge you to get to level 5 before I hit level 21.

When you get it, go to a Gym – usually a library or a church will have a Gym, or any number of other places – and choose a team. Come back and tell me which team you picked.

And most of all – HAVE FUN.

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@RedDeerGuy1 is blowing me away. He’s at level 6 now, which is great. I’ve been sick the last couple of days so I’m only 200 points higher than I was when I challenged him. Slacker me.

Of course he picked the wrong team… but I’ll forgive him.


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OK, new challenge – since your apartment is a PokeStop and you can just rack up points from your couch…

Egg hatching. You’ve gotta be picking up eggs by now.

Come back and tell me when you’ve hatched a 5 km egg. Tell me what you hatched. I’ve got three 5K eggs going right now, with about 1 km to go, but I’m still sick and not going anywhere today. You should be able to beat me, easy.

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@Seek my first egg has 0.8 km on it.

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Get to hiking, bro. :-)

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How are those eggs coming along?

I’ve hatched an Eevee and two Caterpies this week so far. That’s 9 km.

We went to the local Pokemon-hub (a park downtown that’s really active with PokeGo players) and caught… lemme see… 72 Pokemon, including several I hadn’t already added to my PokeDex.

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@Seek Pooly. My battery and data are limited. I need sleep.

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What’s your data plan like?

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@Seek 0.5 gigs for $80 I’m not having fun anymore. I will scale back my pokemon playing.

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Jiminy christmas, that’s expensive. Surely there are better options?

PokeGo is only fun if you’re out and about. You can collect crap from a PokeStop until the cows come home, but the real fun in the game is building your team and taking over Gyms. And talking to random people you’d never normally see.

At the park today literally everyone there was playing from dudebros and gymrats to moms with strollers to businessmen in suits on their lunch break. Someone would shout out “I JUST GOT A WARTORTLE OVER HERE” and the whole crowd would take off running. It was a blast.

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@Seek I did that a couple of days ago. .We were hunting a slow bro. I got it. Security guards are getting snippy at pokemon Hunters. 181 cp ratta isn’t enough to take on a gym. A gym is right next to the Downtown library.

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I stopped playing Pokémon go years ago. I only have data in my apartment.

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Still stopped playing. I walk to the grocery store and take a cab back for my exercise. I have a free gym membership and lift barbells.

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