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How much is gas where you live?

Asked by xxporkxsodaxx (1391points) July 31st, 2008

I know this question was asked a few months ago but I just want to see how things have turned out. North Dallas: $3.73 at it’s cheapest.

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North Carolina $3.89

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I paid $4.29 last night. San Fernando Valley, CA

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Spencertown, NY (12165) $4.059

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I live in Vancouver.. it’s about $1.5 Canadian per litre.. which I tried to calculate and got $5.56 USD per gallon!
I may be wrong in my calculations… anyone who’s good at math care to verify?

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My daughter, who is a US citizen, is living in Vancouver (well, actually she was supposed to move to Squamish today but the rock slide puts the road out of commission for the next 5 days) agrees with you.

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too much…..$3.75 here at the lovely Jersey Shore.

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Under $4.00. What the f***?!

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Paid $4.39 premium today, down in San Diego.

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$3.39 down the street from me here in Oklahoma City. I guess I’m getting a bargain, never thought I’d be saying that at this price.

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$3.65 in Omaha.

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They recently passed another tax on gas here in Vancouver. It’s something like a 20% premium on the gas price, supposedly as investment for “environmentally friendlier” alternatives.

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Here in Orlando, the cheapest I have seen is $3.86 a gallon.

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3.60 is the cheapest ive seen in south jersey….. i really wish this state would start offering E85

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$3.69 in Roanoke, VA.

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michigan, about 45 miles northwest of detroit. 3.99 ish

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$4.25 in New Haven, CT.

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Silicon Valley: $4.25 (with Safeway 3 cent off card).

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3.69 cheapest so far in central jersey. Probably an average of 3.89

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About $10.27 per gallon in Norway. You know nothing about high gas prices.

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@Magnus, correct me of I’m wrong but isn’t Norway a top five producer (exporter) of oil and the reason gas is so high is due to the heavy government tax on gas. I was wondering why Norway places such high taxes- is it to promote alternative fuels or just add revenue for the government.

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Right now the cheapest I have seen it $3.61 up by my house Exxon is $3.90 still.

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London, England – $14ish.

weeps quietly

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“1.29 (British pounds per litre) = 11.6174923 U.S. dollars per Imperial gallon”

Google. Hell yeh.

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$3.74 in Memphis, TN

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Its the oddest thing, we don’t have numbers where I am from. We have only three selections: “Stupid”, “OMG”, and “Get f*cked”. I usually get a half tank of “Stupid”.

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Manchester, England $10.59 (or £1.19/litre)

I have absolutely no sympathy for your $3–4 prices. In fact, I’m incredibly jealous.

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woohoo!! Went from 3.69 to 3.65 today! I take what I can get. :(

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@AtSeDaEsEpPoAoSnA – you must live in a “hipster”-type town. some towns I have seen only show the choices “Arm, Leg, or First Born Child”.

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@damien: A quick, rough check of statistics indicates the average work/home commute in England is around 8 miles; the average work/home commute in the US is 30 miles. The distances we travel daily are completely different animals.

As an example, up until a few years ago, I was commuting 80 miles one way to work. What began as an hour and ten-minute drive turned into two and a half hours – each way.

My car was at the mechanic’s shop for a month once, so I had to rely on public transportation, which isn’t nearly as efficient and ubiquitous as it is in England. My commute time using public transportation was four hours one way. That’s a ride from my wife to the bus stop (six miles), the bus to the nearest train station (40 miles away), the train to the nearest station to my work, then another bus to my work (10 miles).

So, it’s all relative.

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@Pup believe me if you live out side of London public transport is neither efficient or ubiquitous.

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True, you can’t beat the Tube – but having experienced both (lived in Chester & Cambridge for a short while), I can say your public transport is light years ahead of ours in general.

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Since the public transportation here is “John’s Taxi” – note singular- UK public transportation is light centuries ahead of ours.

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@damien – It’s all relative. Yeah, it seems so much cheaper here, but when you think about the fact that the pound is twice the value of the dollar, you have to realize that you Brits are technnically making twice as much money per monetary unit as we are. The cost of living in England seems ridiculous to us, but I’m sure it seems normal to you, especially if you earn wages there. If you half what you quoted (to equalize the fact that the pound is worth twice that of the dollar), we’ll say $6, that gives me a better sense of how your prices match up to ours. Still expensive, but not as much of a disparity. :P

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update from earlier today…it was $3.74 last night, but today I filled up for $3.64 in Memphis, TN

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