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"I" need 55 different pictures of historical pirates.

Asked by delirium (13718points) July 31st, 2008

Pretty pictures, hopefully.

(My SO refuses to make an account and ask this himself…)

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tell him we say “arrrr”

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That might get you started. I’ll look for more.

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Here’s the real Jack Sparrow from the Daily Mail.

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August: look at the topics. ;)

And all, count this as a “if you’re bored, help is nice” and not any kind of demand. I know its fairly googleable, but help is wonderful!

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Here are 12 more, Del, including Blackbeard and Henry Morgan.

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Some of these links have pictures.

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@delirium…you’re way ahead of me!

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Look up Grace O’Malley. I would give you the link, but I’m on my iPhone.

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I’m sorry I dont know any pirate websites, but i just have to say:


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How about this one. Or this one.

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Psh forget Pirates.


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This won’t go in correctly unless I do it in full form, for some reason.
Grace O’Malley’malley&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8&um=1&sa=N&tab=wi

You are having him include women, aren’t you?

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Of course. He will not leave out the ladies.

and if he does…..

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Do you have a library card? Most library systems provide access to databases where you can search vast image libraries. You might also visit the Smithsonian or National Archive websites for images—those will probably be free to use.

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