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If intelligent aliens visited Earth, would we let them participate in the Olympics?

Asked by Ltryptophan (10724points) August 12th, 2016 from iPhone

Are the Olympics strictly human?

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close scrutiny of the corruptive realities would convince any aliens advanced beyond us to restrict this planet from any association with more “civilized” places.

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“Intelligent aliens visited Earth…” is rife with contradictions. Any alien silly enough to visit would be disqualified.

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Well we don’t have monkeys join so why would we let aliens join. Yes, you would have to be human.
Now when they have a multi species Olympics then Aliens will have to be included.
However, I’m sure they will split it into categories like they do when separating the men and wht women.

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Yeah, you don’t have sprinters running against Cheetahs. Not saying that aliens would be “animals” (though I would hope they would be) but we don’t their abilities.

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We would join the aliens version of the Olympics.

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We already distinguish events between male and female of the same species!
We’d have one or two (or three!) for aliens.

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Only if they are guaranteed to lose.
Can not have any non-apes be superior in any way!

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No. Generally speaking.

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If intelligent aliens visited Earth, the American Government would take them away and keep them in Area 51. So I guess they won’t really be able to participate at all, sadly.

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It might be unfair, especially if poop in the Rio water works as a steroid on them.

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They could participate, but they’d have to have their own class. Like mentioned above having it split between sexes.

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I suspect that aliens who are not intelligent would not be visiting our planet.

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This was tried back in 2008 when an intelligent shark from Deneb VI took part in the all species 100 metres freestyle. It was a bloodbath. All footage and all reporting has been censored and it is as if it never happened.

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