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Cardboard Boxes?

Asked by bpeoples (2546points) August 1st, 2008

I need to ship a CPU, and two large flatscreen monitors. Anybody know where (either SF or shippable to San Francisco) I can buy just the boxes I need? Found some great ones on Uline, but I’d have to buy 10–25 minimum.

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Dude, re-use!
Find some other boxes from friends / local shops.
Find some packaging from friends / local shops!
The CPU needs plenty of padding around it, but can go in a pretty small box, obviously:
the monitors provided the screens are well protected and the sides of the box are padded should be fine (maybe rig some holding card to space it out inside the boxes).
I’ve shipped a lot of stuff I sold on ebay (a bunch of iBook laptops as well) in this fashion and not only is it recycling, you’ll end up with a more snug custom fit for your item.
Good luck!

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The post office has boxes that are free, and most stores will give you a box if you ask, I would recomend using 2 boxes, package the item in a box and place it another slightly larger box and stuff the edges with newspaper of packing…...this will really help the item from being damaged during transit.

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You can buy individual boxes if you want to go that route through UHaul or any moving company. Also, a FedEx Kinko’s.

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I just shipped a CPU, monitor and printer to my kid in Chicago and took the items to my local UPS store for packing and shipping. They have all the goodies available to protect everything and they take responsibility for it arriving in good condition

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I agree completely with baseball nut. Let the experts do it and take the responsibility.

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look up the package store.
It’s somewhere in the city.
They have all types of boxes.

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