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What are some fun things to do on a date in Oakland, CA?

Asked by jonestown (2points) August 1st, 2008

First date coming up. Never been to Oakland. What are some interesting activities to do there?

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Jack London Square is a fun, if touristy, area. It is on the water, there are shops. In daytime, you can rent kayaks right in the square and go out on the water. On Sundays, there is a Farmer’s Market. At night, there is a movie theater and all types of restaurants.

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Go for a hike in Redwood park, then stop at the Chabot Space and Science Center for a planetarium show and/or IMAX movie.

Does it have to be Oakland? You could get a meal on Telegraph Avenue or Shattuck in Berkeley, then walk around campus and go up the Campanile bell tower.

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Go to an A’s Baseball game and watch the opposing team win!

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Gosh darn it. Marina stole my answer – Jack London Square.

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@Allie Meet you there next time I’m in town.

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There’s a multitude of really cute, if yuppie-ish, shops and restaurants on College Avenue; same with the Piedmont district.

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There are some awesome theaters by UC, and I second Redwood park. Great pick Hannanh. For dinner, get some great Indian food here.

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I second Jack London Square. :)

I mean third. :P

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I also enjoy Rockridge / College Ave and Piedmont. La Mediteranee is a popular but really yummy place to eat (great pomegranate chicken, chicken/cinnamon filo, cheese and spinach karni, hummus, etc) – technically in Berkeley, but along College. It’s often loud, but might be more comfortable and casual for a first date depending on your style. Near Piedmont (not far from Lake Merritt / Lakeshore) there’s a great tiki bar if the night goes well and that’s your kind of thing – at Piedmont and Grand Ave.s – see here. Killer pina colada with macademia nut… mmmmmm

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Also, Fenton’s ice cream on Piedmont – HUGE old fashioned sundaes and things – I recommend the black and tan (chocolate/carmel incredibleness) – I haven’t had the food there, but it’s also a restaurant. The ice creams are so big they’re perfect for sharing. :) It’s located here. Also can be crowded/noisy, but again that might be a bad thing.

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ok, last idea—- might be fun to show up with some lychee bubble tea from l’amyx tea bar at lakeshore and mandana – near lake merritt if that ends up being close to where you’re going (probably if you’re going around by car not public trans)

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