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How close is the Marine Land Sky Screamer to having the beginings of a space elevator?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (17706points) August 27th, 2016

How close are we to naturally to the basics that reach into Marine Land Sky Screamer 137.2 metres (450 ft.)

space elevator

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Just as close as an ant hill is to mount everest.

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@ragingloli Thanks better than zero.

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No, the theme park ride isn’t right. A space elevator would be dropped down from space, not built up from the Earth. The Wikipedia article goes into that.

The 1895 concept was ground up, with the base holding up the tower. But it would crush the base.

So the new concept is deployed in space, and held in tension, like a clothesline, with the earth end being pulled down by gravity and the space end held up by centrifugal force.

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You can’t be serious.

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