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How important is cleanliness to you?

Asked by gimmedat (3946points) August 1st, 2008

Keeping my house clean is very important to me. I like to walk into a clean house, go to sleep in a clean house, and just have the house cleaned up and organized. Some people might say that I am a little obsessive about keeping a clean house, but hey, I like to keep what I’ve worked for nice. I also want to set an example for my kids that they need to be responsible for themselves and their belongings. It kills me to see things laying on the floor, stuffed in corners, or otherwise cluttering areas. It seems like such a waste to me.

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I shower twice a day, wash and condition my hair. I take my shoes off at the door. I wear socks under my flip flops (When asked why, I ask them if they’ve ever walked around for a full day in just socks then look at how black the bottom became… I say I don’t want that on my feet). I brush my teeth every day. I open bathroom door handles with paper towels.

But, on some days, I don’t care and I’ll eat a slice of pizza that’s been out for two days… or I’ll drop a hot dog in the grass and throw it on the grill anyway and eat it myself. Or I will… lick… body parts… you get the idea.

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Um, I love having a clean house. I just don’t always manage to have it on the top of my priority list.

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Love a neat, clean, orderly house. Don’t always have one, but it is very pleasing to me when I do.

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I hate to have a dirty house.. But I’m a neat freak I hate any and all type of germs.. Yeah I have a OCD.. LOL

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I can ignore mess pretty darn easily. I do clean up the house most days, but mostly because if I don’t it won’t be long before I am walking through a path cleared through the piling debris.

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Not much. I shower everyday and use hand sanitizer. Thats about it. I am a slob and I pile up all my clothes in a corner to make my room look clean.

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I hate clutter; I like an organized house, but organized doesn’t equal clean. I have to admit I haven’t mopped my kitchen floor in about a month. I hate to mop. But when it comes to having clean dishes and a clean shower, I’m always on top of it.

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How do you keep your shower clean?

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Honestly, I scrub it while I’m showering. I use non-toxic, natural cleaners, so I’m not really worried about my exposure to nasty chemicals. Please, no one picture this in your mind. :)

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My mom used to vacuum our house twice a day and dust all the furniture and what not daily as well. She cleaned everything she bought from the store before she even put things up. She would wash the toothpaste tube, cans, boxes, literally everything. Clearly she was a bit obsessive, not as bad anymore though.

When I was in high school, my friends came over one night to play poker, and one of them dropped a chip on the floor. We all looked at him, his eye staring at the chip on the tile floor in the kitchen. Then in one swift move, he picks it up and eats it. One of my other friends goes, “Oh, come on man, you can’t eat stuff off the floor.” Knowing my mother’s habits, he responds with, “Are you kidding me? This is the cleanest floor in the world!”

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I have this one teeny-tiny corner of my world that must be neat, and other people can’t even see it on a regular basis. All of the items in my kitchen drawers and cabinets are meticulously orderly. I can literally ignore a sink full of dirty dishes for days, but if the silverware gets out of alignment, there will be hell to pay! All spices are stored in identical, labeled bottles…alphabetically…all labels MUST face front. Laundry? Dusting? Couldn’t care less. I realize, of course, that this is insane ;)

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Next to Godliness.

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My house has never been clean, but it looks clean.

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This question just makes me feel bad for not cleaning out my garage lately. I know I should, but I’m working too much these days and I just can’t trust anyone to do it for me – I’m sure they’ll throw out something I want to hang on to.

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I’m a huge cleaning and organization freak. Unfortunately the past two years I’ve been working two jobs and don’t have nearly the time or energy I used to have to devote to it. It really makes me sad, quite frankly.

Luckily, my wife (who is not traditionally a cleaner) is doing a great job picking up my slack. Yaay, wife.

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Dad always told Mom; “Don’t worry about it(the House0 till your feet start sticking to the floor.”
Our house was always clean and neat, but not so that friends felt uncomfortable.

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