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Why when my finger itches are my teeth the only cure?

Asked by against_me (22points) August 1st, 2008 from iPhone

I feel that whenever my hand or finger itches the only way to satisfy the itch is by using my teeth. Maybe I’m just crazy but that’s the only thing that works…why?

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I think this is a question for our In-fluther Doctor

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No, you can also use the serrated edge of a knife = be careful!

And while we’re in the silverware drawer, try a good fork.

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How weird. I do that too.

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Ditto. Your not alone.

Might I add, to get a mosquito bite from itching, just cut the bite I’d make it bleed. The earlier the better because it gets rid of the toxin? that makes it itch. Just thought I’d throw that in. =)

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Me too. Apparently it’s not a rare thing.
@Randy: I do the same thing with a mosquito bite.

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That’s so weird… I do the same thing. Or for some reason, the edge of my desk, if I’m at work. In fact, I was doing it when I opened the thread. LOL

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I rarely ever get bitten by Mosquitos, but my daughter does, so that’s good to know. Thanks Randy!

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Me three!

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good to know about the mosquito bites never tried they before

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