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How do I download my DVDs into iTunes and convert them to play on iPod touch?

Asked by azwilson (35points) August 2nd, 2008 from iPhone

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could we make some sort of fix that any question containing the words DVD and/or ipod, itunes or convert, directly gets a hint for handbrake? this question has been asked yesterday or the day before that too….

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Handbrake, for sure. Very easy. You don’t have to change the presets.

@iwamoto: I was just thinking that.

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iSquint? Or does iSquint only work for the iPods?

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well, you could use isquint if you already have a video file, there’s no difference in itunes/ipod in terms of filetype…handbrake is just easier if you have a full dvd i guess…

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Use the program Handbrake with this tutorial – the program is free and the tutorial has step-by-step instructions with clear screenshots for each step.

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Outstanding original question! Here’s an original answer for you- Handbrake.

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