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So what is it going to take to install calm and trust in the u.s police force?

Asked by SQUEEKY2 (19398points) September 20th, 2016

With all the media coverage of the black shootings.
The shooting of police officers.
What is it going to take for calm and trust to happen?

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A good start would be body cameras on all cops. They are cheap and reliable. Maybe they could wear five of them just to make sure a malfunction never happens.

Maybe if it stops recording it could taser the cop. If something happens and the cop “accidentally” turned it off they are instantly fired.

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Eliminate the police force and rethink the philosophy of law enforcement.

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@RedDeerGuy1 and what put the military in for law enforcement?

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Toy guns & an iq test

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@SQUEEKY2 No! Have first aider like neighborhood watch. Or nothing. I’m not sure. We need public discussion. Most laws are stupid laws made by prudes we can do without. Or we can keep the old system until something better comes around.

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@ucme sure as long as the thugs and bad guys agree to that as well.

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@SQUEEKY2 And I think to myself, what a wonderful world…

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To install trust you take the review out of the hands of law enforcement, having I.A. investigate a shooting is like placing the More Organized Business men (MOB) in charge of the docks to make sure corruption and extortion is not going on down there. If the cops knew their peers would not give them a sympathetic pass or a slap on the wrist, they might use a little more prudence before getting heavy with the gun play.

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I am going to agree with ya on that answer @Hypocrisy_Central Thanks.

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I can tell you what NOT to do. What you don’t do is have the Attorney General come on national TV and paint cops as the victims after a rash of unjustifiable police brutality and shootings like they did after Ferguson 2, St. Louis, Chicago, Baton Rouge and Baltimore. Ha. They kill a thousand U.S. citizens in one year and ask us to believe that they are the victims. Right after that, snipers attacked and killed the cops in Dallas and Baltimore. How’s it really feel to be a victim, fellas? Fucking idiots.

If you want the public to become confident that cops are actually here to serve and protect the majority of the public, they will institute more education as to how to handle the homeless, the mentally disturbed, more on passive takedowns—- and stop tasering and shooting unarmed nutcases you sadistic fuckwads.

Have the Attorney General come out and admit the stupidity and abuse of self-policing themselves, that independent agencies will take this over, that police departments around the nation will be educated in courses as mentioned above, and anger management and psych evals will take place to help weed out the maniacs.

That would go a long way in convincing the rest of us that they are actually trying to become a decent public service agency instead of a bunch of cloistered, paranoid, ignorant bigots with a government sanctioned armory.

There will always be nasty, crazy bastards that need to be shot. It’s totally wrong that those bastards are sometimes cops.

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body cams, better training, with a focus on non violent conflict resolution, forcing them to account for every single bullet, yearly psych evaluation staffed by an external psychologist and regular citizens that have been selected at random with no option for the police to object, firing on the spot if they are found guilty of violating procedures or if they fail the psych test, a maximum term limit of 10 years, and of course most importantly, firing every cop currently employed and replacing them with properly trained ones.

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They (the police) have to admit where mistakes have been made and IMO it is not just the officers who pulled the trigger. There is the command structure and training or lack thereof that has to be addressed. Accountability seems to be sorely lacking in most of these instances. Obviously the public outcry is demanding the hides of these officers but what is the truth in these matters is often much different than the versions of the events the media chooses to portray. Outrage and black lives matters is a far greater ratings grab than the truth would ever be. So fair and balanced reporting with an emphasis on calm until due process is followed through would be a good start.

Getting our officers trained better is another part of this solution. The biggest hurdle though is for trust and respect for our law enforcement to be re-established. That ain’t going to happen anytime soon if the cops keep shooting up people when other approaches to these situations could have been used with less lethal outcomes.

But living near Chicago and the multiple shootings in the news every single day and the police here are helpless to do anything to stop this insane black on black violence that has become the norm. 3,131 shootings so far this year. Just look at the map in the link and the entire city of Chicago is a war zone…no neighborhood is safe anymore and Chicago has some of the strictest gun laws in the country. We have a mayor that has his head up his ass and thinks just swapping a new police chief every 6 months is the answer. Cops here won’t patrol many neighborhoods anymore as it is just too dangerous. 3,131 shootings and most are black on black shootings and guess what?? No protests, black lives matters and Jesse Jackson are nowhere to be found. Go figure. Do black lives really matter??? Apparently in Chicago they don’t.

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It’s the whole bloody Cop Culture, Cruiser. Something very thorough has to be done to change it. The ones where I come from act like a freaking varsity football team gone batshit. It’s a bullying culture that feels licensed to be that way and above reproach. And they only hang with each other, like they are not a part of the community they are supposed to serve. It is not a healthy culture and proves to be a danger to those they should protect.

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@Espiritus_Corvus I answered this dynamic in an answer on another question on this topic. Cops have been shooting unarmed civilians since guns were invented. And IMHO cops today are far more inline with their interaction and treatment of civilians than in the days I grew up in the city where getting abused by the police was expected and business as usual.

We as a society now have cell phones that capture these transgressions and unfortunately deaths at the hands of our police that is bringing attention to these events that again have been happening all along. Can you explain the sudden uproar against police fuck ups today and not in years past?

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I agree that cops have been shooting unarmed civilians for decades, @Cruiser, but this recent round of shooting people for doing things like fixing their cars (Tulsa, Oklahoma), is just ridiculous. The other one (Florida?) where the therapist was next to the autistic patient and therapist was lying down with his hands up and still got shot is another great example.

I work with cops and I’m all for defending cops when it’s warranted but some of these recent examples are impossible to justify.

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@Espiritus_Corvus @jca and everyone else….I think I have stumbled upon an answer to this question over police shootings…is the police set the rules for policing the police. I found this article…_There is no mandate that local law enforcement agencies report officer involved shootings to the FBI.

Now that I think about it, I see in the news how all police involved shooting are handled internally. The cop is assigned a desk job during the investigation and that is the last we hear of it. This process undoubtedly will weigh heavily in the favor of the cops involved. And we have police unions to thank for the way police misdeeds are handled and investigated. Until there is a more transparent accountability of police violence this problem will persist and perhaps get worse. And by worse I expect it will be the public outcry and pushback that will escalate matters unless we instill better a better legal process for handing these matters.

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The nature of cops is predatory. They victimize people. They were not popular in school. They are my least liked group of people in our society. The whole judicial system is for profit against it’s citizens. Some police forces won’t hire someone with an i.q. higher than 110. We should start completely over and just have detectives and bounty hunters. Start over with the laws as well. The system we have sickens me. So many lives have been just ruined without justification. The police force doesn’t keep us safe. A good economy keeps us safe. A healthy environment for everyone would keep us safer. Violence should be taken out of our DNA.

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Discipline the lying media who sensationalizes things and slants events to suit their biases. If the news was more objective, the police would have a better image. Freedom of the press has gone wild and is badly abused. The media must be held accountable for arousing such troubles.

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Make it legal for the relatives of victims of cops to exact deadly vengeance upon the piggies.

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A savage says it should be legal to kill policemen I see. I can imagine a nation ruled by such a savage. I can guess his ancestry. One roup is notorious for hating laws and policemen..

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I call it true justice.

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I call it true savagery. It is Law of the Jungle. I shudder to think that anyone actually believes such savage ideas with no sound basis.

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